13 Things to do other than Shop.

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Happy Buy Nothing Day! 13 posters, 13 things to do.

13 Posters: Buy Nothing Day. 13 Things to Do instead of “Black Friday.”

Here’s three things I suggest you do on Buy Nothing Day/Black Friday.

It’s the biggest shopping day of the year. Nothing’s wrong with shopping—if what you’re buying has meaning and purpose. So if you have to buy something, make it life-changing.

1. Rescue a pet from your local Humane Society.

2. If you are going to buy gifts, shop local.

3. And if you aren’t going to buy anything, practice fundamental happiness and contentment with a loved one.

~ Waylon Lewis, ed.

Here’s 10 more, via a great list. Linked below:

10 Things to Do on Buy Nothing Day.

1. Go to a library. Pick up some new books. here are a few reading lists to give you some ideas, the worsted witch, canada reads, 1001 books you should read before you die.
2. Bake something using things you have in your cupboard. Or bake something you’ve never made before. check out Orangette for some great ideas, (i’ve enjoyed everything I’ve made of hers).
3. Make a list of raw materials you have in your house, (things you could recycle or alter to create something new). Find some projects to make using things on your list. Resources: Make, Craft, Instructables, Readymade, Supernaturale, get crafty, make your own gifts out of recycled sweaters, (see example here.)
4. Write a letter.
-to someone you care about
-to a politician (requesting change on a topic you care about)
-to a corporation
5. Plan an expedition. Take a walk in nature. collect a variety of items you find on your travels. Use the items to a) make a mobile, or b) decorate your home.
6. Create some guerilla art pieces & install them with friends. See some examples here.
7. Install your very own Portable Xmas Tree, (completely free!) And while your at it, create some Instant Snow.
8. Have a clothing (or stuff) swap party with friends. for directions see the Naked Lady Party.
9. Donate to something you believe in. (or sign up to volunteer somewhere).
10. Write about the best gifts you ever received. (my story)
for more ideas visit the official website for buy nothing day.

For more, click here.

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3 Responses to “13 Things to do other than Shop.”

  1. watchthis says:

    Oh how i love these hypocritical ignorant posts… Didn't you write this from your macintosh? Which was built in china for it's cheap labour.. with the same parts you find in non mac at a fraction of the price. Only to be sold at extraordinary prices..

    I know i'm writing this from my mbp.. and i also buy my plastic products etc.. but i don't preach to others that they are wrong into buying these products.

    Grow up. stop being fake to make your self look enlightened.

    • Samantha says:

      Who's saying it's wrong to buy these things? The day is about generating some awareness about how we are all caught up in a cycle of over-consumption, and pausing to think what our mindless buying does to ourselves, others, and the planet.

  2. […] hypocritical, attention-seeker. No one is forcing you to buy shit (why not participate in “Buy Nothing Day“?) but even if you don’t shop today, you are still a […]

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