My Favorite Nondual Comedian. (10)

Via Angela Raines
on Nov 29, 2010
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Savoring Samsara with Stuart Davis.

There’s nothing more Boulder than Stuart Davis. OK, except maybe the fact that he kinda doesn’t live in Boulder anymore. He’s the artistic-buddhist-integral-ripped-geeky-heelarious author-musician-comedian-actor-producer you may have heard of from Sex, God, and Rock ‘n Roll.

Well, he’s my favorite nondual comedian. I had the great privilege of seeing him live in concert this weekend at Immersive Studios here in Boulder. He brought great energy, humor, and sincerity to songs and stories about grappling with spiritual practice.

Here are some treats for you!

Episodes of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll also available on Amazon, I just found out.


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Angela Raines hails from "America's most dangerous city," St. Louis, MO. She recently moved to Boulder, CO (as one does) to write, do yoga, and sit. So far, this has worked out beyond her wildest dreams. She completed an editorial internship at Elephant Journal and still writes for them when Waylon reminds her. She landed a job at the company of her dreams, Integral Life, and is currently putting her third-person writing skills to work in her own online writing business, Conscious Copywriting. Her main teachers are Jun Po Roshi and Ken Wilber. She is an enthusiast of all things yogic, contemplative, and chocolate.


3 Responses to “My Favorite Nondual Comedian. (10)”

  1. Ryan Oelke says:

    Was indeed a great concert, as usual, and I'm excited for his new album. One note about the Original Face video above: This was shot before he recorded the album, I believe, because the album lyrics are different (the verses anyways). Personally, I think the album lyrics are better overall, especially musically, so check out the album version:)

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