Welcome Back to the Party of No.

Via Candice Garrett
on Nov 4, 2010
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Welcome Back to the Party of No.

Not two days into the new reorganization of government, we can all rest assured that the government will go back to partisan politics as usual.

With the very real concerns our country is facing over mortgages, unemployment and health care, it is a wonder at all that any politician would be talking about the presidential run for 2012. Yet here we are. While Democrats are, generally,  pushing for compromise and attempting to find ways to work together, the general Republican feedback has been less than conciliatory.

In case you’ve missed it, here is a short compilation of motives from the newly Republican dominated House of Representatives and their agenda going forward:

Senator McConnell of Kentucky stated that their top priority should be to deny Obama a second term in office.

Michelle Bachmann of  Minnesota has been quoted as wanting to investigate the current Democratic leaders, McCarthy style,  for “un-American behavior.”

Sarah Palin, the ex-governor of Alaska, who, remember, didn’t finish her term, was seen on Fox News making tongue-in-cheek references to a run for the presidential election in 2012.

Pardon me. But shouldn’t we be talking about 2010?

At first I was hopeful that the Republicans would finally have a turn to walk the talk, finally given a chance to put their money where their mouths are  and prove to us that they had ideas that would work.

But why would they? Anything they do, as pointed out by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, would ultimately be credited to Obama’s administration. Why would they want to do that? Instead what is likely to happen is a good-old-fashioned blockade on all things pushed by the Democrats in an attempt to make a clearer case for the Republican candidate of 2012.

It seems clear to me that as the people of our country are suffering, the partisan political system has become more and more polarized, to the point of extremism. Something needs to change and I don’t know what or how.

But I do know that I don’t care about the next presidential campaign as much as I care that all of the houses in my neighborhood are in foreclosure, that 3 out of 5 of my friends and family are out of work and that my husband’s firefighter health policy that covers my family of five is under attack. I care that my children continue to get quality public education in reasonable class sizes. I  care that my Vietnam veteran father and veteran father-in-law will be able to get the medical aid they need as they age.  I care that the roads continue to be maintained in my very rural community.

We forget sometimes that our government and taxes pay for real services. If they need to be worked on, so be it. But let’s get to work on the very real issues facing us today and leave the presidential run for later, shall we?


About Candice Garrett

Candice Garrett is a yoga teacher, writer, foodie and mother of three from Monterey, California. She is author of "Prenatal Yoga: Finding Movement in Fullness," assistant to Female Pelvic Floor Goddess Leslie Howard and director of the Nine Moons Prenatal Yoga teacher training program. Candice teaches yoga, prenatal yoga and pelvic health with workshops nationally. You can find her teaching schedule at Candice Garrett Yoga or her love of food at The Yogic Kitchen


16 Responses to “Welcome Back to the Party of No.”

  1. holly troy says:

    oh, i am so sad. this world is just getting so weird. too many egos, not enough yoga!

  2. candicegarrett says:

    you lost me at "Marxist."

    Sorry, I didn't mention my husband's pension, I mentioned his health care. Which we pay a majority percentage of, just like anyone else who gets health care through their employer.

  3. What?! says:

    TamingAuthorGreg, I'm sorry, but I think you are wildly wrong. Where are your facts to support these HUGE generalizations? Blanket statemens just don't resonate with me. I think your artcile, Candince, is great. Thank you for your insight.

  4. You can think I am wildly wrong. Enjoy. But then go check out the facts. They are available. In fact, today there was an AP article that chronicled how the unions won the election for Brown. Their words, not mine. Check out the role SEIU played.

    Check out the debt. The state is in hoc for over $130 billion. Who will pay it down? How will it be paid with declining tax revenue? California cannot print its own money like the Feds.

    Business has been moving to Texas. Another 180 businesses pledged to leave after this election. Those jobs are going away.

    It was Jerry Brown who originally unionized government workers here and negotiated pensions we would never be able to pay. Now he is back in — thanks to the union vote.

    You can research these facts quite easily. Start with the budget problems over the past two years.

  5. Maehl says:

    Best comeback i've heard in a LONG time to the marxist slur.

  6. Maehl says:

    Don't forget he really hates Oprah too. Careful, she might be a Marxist.

  7. candicegarrett says:

    yeah sorry, I just don't spend much time worrying about what Oprah is doing these days….

  8. integralhack says:

    Indeed! My hackles go up when I hear Obama labeled as a socialist, but only because teabaggers and some conservatives don't know what socialism is.

    Socialism might be a preferable option to an Idiocracy run by Palin and Bachmann.

  9. Eric says:

    hmmm..perhaps you're right, and there is a Marx Brothers/Socialogist conspiracy fomenting from the White House as evidenced by giving billions to Wall Street banks…(and not really regulating them either???). how shocking & counter-intuitive. that will certainly rile the Prole into revolution.

    ~but anyway: what's really 'disconcerting' is that you completely ignored Candice's main point about all of us putting aside partisan ideology and working together; and, like the Republican leadership, you simply have a hard-on for demonizing Obama 🙂

  10. socal says:

    Oh no…Palin in 2012??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm heading for CANADA, asap.

  11. yogajunkie says:

    As a Canadian I have been keeping an eye on all things Obama. I admire the policies hat he is trying to put forward. I have not looked too deeply into his political agenda but his public face is showing a sense of globalism and self responsibility that I find quite refreshing in the wake of the Bush administration. Well written article Candice. I too was saddened and discouraged when the vote went the way that it did. Too much in fighting and blame, and not enough forward thought towards a sustainable solution.

  12. it's a pity the rest of the world doesn't get a vote …

  13. John Morrison says:

    Right – he must be a Marxist because he passed that single payer healthcare Medicare-for-all plan, broke up and nationalized the big banks, imposed stringent regulations on the financial industry, seized and nationalized the big oil companies and used the profits to shore up social security programs, raised taxes on the highest income brackets and leveled the playing field through a dramatic increase in capital gains tax, slashed defense spending in half and used the resulting budget surplus to offer free higher education to all Americans….

    Oh wait – he didn't do any of those "Marxist" things….

    It's very salacious to say Obama is an anti-colonial Kenyan Muslim Marxist, but the sad truth is that Nader was right – he is just another corporate Democrat – who throws a bone to the average person with slightly more frequency than the average corporate Democrat or Republican

  14. Tired of Politics says:

    Candace, can you honestly say that things are better under Obama? I thought he was to usher in "hope and change". I've seen very little of either, although there have been plenty of expensive parties, lavish travel, frequent vacations, divisive rhetoric, and now a trip of dubious value to India and Southeast Asia, where he has already managed to alienate some of the people he was allegedly wooing.

    Yes, the Republicans have been the party of No, but the Democrats have been the party of excess, failed promises and capitulation to our enemies.

  15. Tired of Politics says:

    Candice–Please forgive me for misspelling your name in my earlier comment! I've got it straight now.

  16. candicegarrett says:

    it happens all the time 🙂