December 28, 2010

EJ Organic Food Survey

Mood Ring Survey reveals shopper preference for local & organic

Above are the colorful results of Elephant Journal‘s survey of organic produce shoppers. Using scientific evidence, as presented by mood rings- shoppers weigh in on their favorite shopping spots for organic produce.

The thermotropic liquid crystals of the Mood Ring reveal how Elephant Journal readers shopping for organic produce varies by situation, shop and conditions. Thousands of Elephant Journal readers were surveyed to produce the above table. (Actually the rings was passed from shopper to shopper for weeks in order to establish a baseline and conduct an extremely scientific survey, the first of its kind in Elephant Journal History).

The study proved the hypothesis that shopping at your local farm stand, knowing your farmer by name and/or visiting your local farmers market is the most pleasurable way to shop for local and organic produce.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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