January 26, 2011

Baby, You’re My Teacher [grreat video]

It’s true! Babies can’t help but be great yogis.

This video’s gotten some serious play, for a seriously good reason.

The ad team who did this for Libero clearly did their research. Or maybe they had a yogi on-board.

What makes this video so fantastic is the very real fact it touches on: Yoga is about returning to our source.

And babies are about as close to the source as we humans get—age-wise. They know that our bodies know what to do. They don’t let social convention or norms get in the way of good health. (Ever experienced a baby dump in the middle of dinner?) They’re big on satya–they feel what they feel and don’t hold back; witness the millisecond transition from screeching to giggling. And they live in the moment—completely present.

So this little baby is a big-time teacher.

As yoga/asana teachers we are so often aiming to embody and transmit all of the above. We really truly hope that the people in our classes will leave feeling full of presence and without worry; determined to honour and take care of their health; intimately knowing and honouring their bodies; and understanding that “what we resist, persists.”

Maybe we should all bring babies to class.



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Read 6 comments and reply

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