January 22, 2011

Can Self Expression Seriously Ruin Your Child’s Health?

So…I guess I am writing this on behalf of my daughter, who at the age of 12 years decided to get her nose pierced—with my total consent.

We come from an Indian background and I acknowledge the fact that my daughter is an individual, like we all are, and is keen to express herself…whether that’s through wearing a particular type of clothing or having the odd piercing.

After visiting India over the past few weeks Maya (my daughter) returned to school with a 1mm nose stud in her nose (you’re all aware that this isn’t too big, right?). She was inappropriately taken aside and told that such piercings were not appropriate in school and that she was required to wear a band aid over the top of the stud until the hole had healed and after a few weeks she must remove the stud.

I would like to add that there are two other children in the school who wear nose studs. One of those children has a pass (can you believe) to wear hers. There a number of children with hair resembling all the colours of the rainbow, but none of this is taken into account.

So without going into to much personal detail I’d like to pose a few questions :

  • Would wearing a nose stud seriously ruin a child’s education?
  • Why is there one rule for one and one rule for another?
  • When a child wishes to acknowledge their roots should that not be praised and encouraged?
  • Does school dampen our children’s creativity?
  • Should school not look into more serious issues such as bullying as a major priority?

Please leave any comments about your views and your own experiences.

Below is a wonderful video by Ken Robinson looking into whether school really does kill our children’s creativity, I felt the need to share it with you all. So when you have a spare 20 minutes take a look and once again let me know what you think.

Have a great day and Namaste:)

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Read 49 comments and reply

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