January 29, 2011

Eco iPhone Cover? BioSerie.

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Featured Review: an iPhone Cover made out of Plants?

If you care about the environment and own an iPhone, this is the case for you.

This review took me forever, because to review an iPhone cover, you have to break it and bash it and drop it and wear it and…the BioSerie stood up to the challenge. After four months of abuse, abuse I’m not proud of, my iPhone is scratchless—and my BioSerie is slightly chippped, but still lovely and functional and stylee. What’s it look like, you ask?

Et voila:

Notice the gap for the video camera is wide enough that, unlike many other cases, the flash doesn’t reflect off the case.




bioserie Introduces the World’s First “Made of Plants” iPhone 4 Cover
All-Plant Case Offers Protection for the iPhone 4 and the Environment

Hong Kong – (August 24, 2010) –bioserie is first to market with a line of iPhone 4 covers that will
give earth-conscious Apple device owners the protection they demand while using only plant
based renewable resources in its production. bioserie’s unique use of the latest in bioplastics
technology offers considerably less greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing and the
prevention of environmental toxic pollution once the cover is discarded. The iPhone 4 cover is
the newest addition to bioserie’s existing line of “made of plants” covers for the iPhone
3G/3GS, iPod touch and iPod nano.

The expansion of bioserie’s line marks a significant step in the availability of cutting edge
biobased Apple accessories –a market dominated by plastic products that use petrochemicals
derived from oil. Using Ingeo™ by NatureWorks, LLC and a new proprietary blend of biobased
components, bioserie is transforming annually renewable plant material into an iPhone 4 cover
that is slim, light and has significantly improved strength and durability.
“We believe it is possible to enjoy technology without harming the fragile ecosystems of our
Earth,” says Kaya Kaplancali, bioserie CEO. “We’re exploring the cutting edge of green science
to develop products that allow consumers to enjoy their iPhone 4 and other Apple devices in an
environmentally-responsible way.”
bioserie iPhone 4 cover features:
• Fully biobased bioplastic body with no toxic ingredients
• Lightweight protection – only 12 grams (0.4 ounces)
• Patent-pending screen protection feet allowing safe facedown placement
• Easily accessible iPhone 4 controls when cover is on
• Finely textured surface providing comfort and better ergonomics
• Colors: black, white, orange, lush green, forest green and red.
With a price of $34.95, bioserie iPhone 4 covers are available now on the bioserie website
www.bioserie.com or convenient pre-orders on Amazon’s website www.amazon.com with
shipment in early September.
Looking ahead, bioserie plans to expand its eco-friendly line of Apple device covers. The iPad
will sport its own plant protection with the release of a “made of plants” iPad cover in
September 2010 made using a unique Ingeo™ based bioplastics formulation.
“bioserie approached us with the idea for its Apple device covers and we knew immediately
that a partnership between their brand vision and our Ingeo™ biopolymers could bring
something entirely new to the marketplace,” said Steve Davies, Marketing Director for
NatureWorks, LLC. “Consumers continue to look for beautiful products that perform well, while
now demanding better eco-credentials. Together bioserie and NatureWorks are creating a
much-needed alternative to traditional plastic covers for earth-conscious Apple users.”
About bioserie
bioserie is a cutting-edge company engineering revolutionary ways in which bioplastics are
used. Based in Hong Kong, bioserie launched its first line of bioplastic iPhone covers in February
2010. The original line features covers for the iPhone 3G/3GS and expanded the line in June
2010 to include bioplastic covers for the iPod touch and iPod nano.

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