January 30, 2011

I sing the body Electric…why I love THIS life.

I sing the body electric
I celebrate the me yet to come
I toast to my own reunion
When I become one with the sun

A renaissance? An awakening? A great big A-ha? Whatever, all I know is that recently music has inspired me like it used to, not new music necessarily, just that feeling again of the spirit in the music.  And what it moved in me is the rememberance about how amazing we are, humans that is!  

OK let me back up a bit — I took a class recently (I am getting my Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification) and I saw this disturbing trend…VERY disturbing.  This was a group of spiritual (or as my family calls us whoo hooo types or hippies for short) healers, massage therapists, life coaches etc…and over and over what I heard was how hard life is, how we are trying to get it right to escape this cycle of birth and death, how much they didn’t want to be here or come in, that only in pure spirit is everything OK…and well…well…blech.  It just didn’t sit well with me…and as I ruminated (I like to ruminate) I realized I thought it was all bunk (as defined by the Urban dictionary —

You see, what if the point is to love this life…right now in this moment?  Not to escape…or to transcend, what if transcendence is fully loving our physical experience? And I began to hear the music again…really hear it, in all its glory, its pain and beauty and salvation. I began to once again watch the simple miracle of this reality and I was blown away yet again. We are amazing, stunning, beautiful, inspiring creatures…and this life has a glory that I can’t deny.  When I saw this I recognized two things —
1. that most of the people that I heard complain about how hard life was didn’t really have it all that bad…(really just an observation)
2. moving, singing, dancing all remind me of how perfect THIS is…whatever it is…just as it is.
Maybe instead of trying to cure ourselves of this existence our Enlightment is in truly appreciating and experiencing this life in this moment NOW.  
It’s a thought…
so in honour of that just some posts of what the human body is capable of…the music and the dance….
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