January 24, 2011

Is Monogamous Marriage Dead?

‘Til 10 Years or So Do Us Part?

Via Huff Post:

…When dad Nick asked Clooney to think about marriage, citing his own 51-year marriage to Clooney’s mother, George made clear that he wasn’t interested.

“I hate to blow your whole news story, but I was married,” he said, talking of his 1989 wedding to actress Talia Balsam, which ended in 1993. “Yeah, so I’ve proven how good i was at it, and I just… I’m allowed one.”

All my life, I thought I’d get married. Have a few children, the whole catastrophe.

These days, I’m not so sure. While I’d still like to have a ceremony, a ritual, I’m not sure that closed marriage makes sense. What’s changed? I know a lot—too many—intelligent, amicably divorced or separated couples who took the vow…and broke the vows. People change. What’s to say you can’t love someone, but change, and no longer be a good fit? How can I vow to do something that may not make sense for her or myself?

But if traditional marriage is dead, is there some middle way? After all, bachelorhood can be caddish after awhile. Dating gets old. Meaningful relationships, while difficult, help us to grow up and become more fully human beings—a casual relationship won’t scratch below our brittle surface.

I’m in a meaningful relationship now—so it’s on my mind. It’s incredibly difficult—and meaningful, and sweet, and worthwhile.

Ideas? What would a modern, mindful relationship or marriage look like?

Via Gawker, Piers Morgan, US Weekly…via everywhere:

George Clooney says he will never get married again. He’s been dating Italian model Elisabetta Canalis for a while, but told Piers Morgan “I was married, so I gave it a shot.” Apparently Clooney already was married to actress Talia Balsam from 1989-1993 and now he says he will never get married ever again… [US Weekly]

Bonus: unrelated but worthy:

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