LBGTQ. What about the P?

Via Krystal Baugher
on Jan 14, 2011
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Pansexuality: the Newly Improved Sexuality.

A year ago my friend introduced me to this song “Fagette” by the Athens Boys Choir. I love it. Not only is it catchy but the video challenges the hetero/homo binary system of sexual representation by exposing pansexual and trans sexualities.

It also questions current power dynamics, rules, and categorizations of our social sexual experiences by helping to reveal that there is no one “set” way to be sexual.

What is so great about this song/video is the main message:

love who you love no matter who or what they appear to be labeled as.

The song unashamedly acknowledging that other sexualities exist and they not only deserve love but are desirable to love as well.


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Krystal Baugher lives in Denver. She earned her MA in Writing and Publishing and her MA in Women and Gender Studies from DePaul University/Chicago. She is the creator of Mile High Mating, a website dedicated to helping people "do it" in Denver and beyond. You can find her on facebook and twitter (as long as you aren’t a stalker).


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