Poetry Man

Via R.R. Shakti
on Jan 16, 2011
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Yesterday, Alphanso and I took a long stroll along the beach. We passed fishermen mending their nets and crabs scrambling about the sand. We crossed over rocks and past the ageless cotton tree that marks history for this coastline. Alphanso says the massive tree has been around since the American slaves returned to reclaim Liberia.

Alphanso loves the Strongheart Fellowship. They have supported him with food and shelter and guidance as he continues to strive for a complete education in a complex world; still reeling from the devastation of civil war.

He recited poetry to me as we walked along in the breeze and ocean aroma. It was his poetry: pure, simple, and beautiful.

We lingered at our “destination” for a moment. At his favorite surf spot, Locos, the waves were rolling in perfectly. We both wished we had brought our suits and boards.

“One day, I want to travel around the world, like you.” He said.
“You can do that,” I replied, “but you’ve got to have a plan.”
“What is your plan?” I asked him looking straight into his eighteen year old eyes. Those eyes have seen so much and still hold a gentle sweetness—a heart-touching innocence.

“I guess I’ll be a surfing poet.” He said in contemplation.

So today, we started a Blog for Alphanso to upload and share his poetry with you. Please check it out at:
Alphanso’s World of Poetry


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