There’s Being Limber And Then There’s The Eight Limbs.

Via Tanya Lee Markul
on Jan 6, 2011
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From a video to a studio to the eight limbs of yoga philosophy.

I’ve heard so many people say how yoga has changed their life: all you have to do is keep showing up on the mat and things will start to happen.

Well, when I first started practicing yoga at the gym, I had no idea how or why yoga would be good for me. I practiced to balance out my super cardio workout; yoga was like the raita (Indian cooling side dish) to my ridiculously spicy curry

I kept this up for years without listening to what was going on inside my body. I just knew that yoga felt good, so I kept doing it. Eventually I stopped going to yoga at the gym and started practicing more at home with the help of my first yoga DVD by Seane Corn called Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

I just remember Seane saying stuff about connecting the dots, building inner awareness and the way she ended the class with Namaste. What the heck was Namaste? What dots? I didn’t know, but it blew me away and I had no idea why.

This built my curiosity to attend yoga at a real yoga studio. The first class I attended the teacher talked about how yoga can help to improve your life. Again, these cool messages tantalized me, but then half way through the class I found myself sweating, shaking and thinking, ‘yeah right lady. This ain’t gonna happen’.

After that class, and many other classes, I came to the conclusion that perhaps what my yoga teacher meant was that if I were able to reach my hands flat on the floor in uttanasa (standing forward bend) that perhaps something magical would happen and I’d be changed forever.

I continued to practice with this frame of mind for a while, hoping and waiting for something to happen. I was on the slow track toward enlightenment, but didn’t realize that enlightenment had anything to do with my practice.

Lucky for me I found myself enrolled in a yoga intensive where my world was turned upside down and inside out. I was introduced to yoga philosophy.

I realized that my yoga practice was more than just a mere workout and that how I practiced was more important than just practicing for the sake of practicing. I realized then, and am still putting into practice, how I can apply yoga philosophy to all aspects of my life.

I feel super lucky to come across the guidance I needed in order to accept change and evolve. I didn’t consciously ask for it or expect it. That’s one of the coolest things I find about yoga; it’s a constant journey of self-discovery.


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5 Responses to “There’s Being Limber And Then There’s The Eight Limbs.”

  1. Hi, Tanya, I think this is a very common experience, to go from Yoga exercise, which we all know is great in its own right, to Yoga philosophy.

    Enjoyed hearing your story.

    Bob W.
    Yoga Editor

  2. Tanya says:

    Thanks for your comment Bob. 🙂 I do enjoy listening to everyone's journey, especially the parts where a cross road arrives. 🙂

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