February 2, 2011

A new right side up~ February 2nd.

We have missed the point all along…

(The Alan Watts video is a must see, so if you are pressed for time skip over my gibberish and watch the video at the bottom of this post)

What if life were not some enigmatic thing, existing apart from us? Suppose life is not some riddle or puzzle we are suppose to decipher or figure out. Perhaps life is the purpose. What if living is the point…

For most people this is too simple. We have far to many complex problems to work out, too many details to deal with. But what if nothing is wrong? Almost instinctively you respond, “Well of course there are problems- life isn’t perfect!” We are all the time trying to create paradise or get back into the garden, but what if we never left- what if life is the garden?. Not life like the noun but more like the verb, namely living. Life is a process of which, we are a dimension. Life being a process, and we being a dimension of this process, it should follow that we too are a process, or a verb and not a noun. So the point is to flow, and in order to flow or live we must remain empty or free. In doing so, we reflect sanity or become truth, and some would say that reflecting truth to such a degree that you and truth are of one substance is the fullest expression of being human!

So the next time you say there is a problem, instead of trying to figure out a solution, question the problem itself. Is this problem real. At first it may seem that your World has been turned upside down, but if you inquire, instead of running after yet another solution, you may find that there is no problem whatsoever, just a new right side up!

And of course, Alan Watts… But not just any Alan Watts. Perhaps the most profound bit of talking any human being has ever done, with animation by Trey Parker & Matt Stone- Enjoy!

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