Egypt: a Revolution in Pictures.

Via John Pappas
on Feb 9, 2011
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On Jan 25th the people of Egypt gave birth to a revolution.

On Jan 27th my wife gave birth to our second daughter.

For the next week I sat at home, with an infant on my lap in front of my laptop watching an entire country find its breath and the entire world collectively inhale. The resulting exhalation is proving to be palatable enough to bend trees and kick up dust throughout the Middle East and North Africa, with even the complacent and comfortable thinking about revolution.

The following pictures are shots that were shared on Twitter. Some came directly from protesters in Egypt while others from Middle Eastern and North American journalists. Either way, at times they made me laugh, sadly smile or cry. Just like my daughter.

And for the sake of my daughter as well as for the people of Egypt, I offer this prayer for peace.

All Buddhas, Bodhissatvas,
Protectors of the Dharma
and the Three Treasures,
with all sentient beings
I lift my heart to transform
Ignorance, violence and suffering.
May healing and peace prevail
Throughout the Dharma worlds.
Maha Prajna Paramita.


About John Pappas

John Pappas is a struggling Zen practitioner with a slight Vajrayana palate (but he won't admit it) stumbling between the relative and absolute through the Buddhist Purgatory otherwise known as the Great Plains of South Dakota. Emerging writer, librarian and aspiring hungry ghost, John spews his skewed perception of the dharma all over his personal blog, Subtle Dharma Mouth Punch as well as on the ephemeral Elephant Journal and occasionally (while having no artistic ability to speak of) on Dharma/Arte. John also loves tacos, homebrew, yoginis and obscure Cthulhu references. You can follow him on twitter under the handle @zendustzendirt


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  2. Charlie Rebich says:

    Wow John,
    Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures. They bring it so to life and make it so real and human, what it would be to live through such an event. And the media so rarely shows these kind of very human pictures. Congratulations on your second daughter.

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