February 10, 2011

Review: Bosu Balance Trainer. ~ Elle Bieling

Photo by Body Window.

Balance Your Body, Balance Your Life.

There’s no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves.

~  Frank Herbert

I recently learned about the Bosu Balance Trainer as a way to improve my physiologic balance. Balance and flexibility are important in all physical activities that you pursue, but as you age, they become increasingly important and enhance the quality of your life. By doing balance exercises on the Bosu Ball you can improve your strength and flexibility, especially if you do basic Yoga poses on the Bosu Balance Trainer.

By improving your physiologic balance, if done with a right brain and meditative approach, you are also able to improve your balance in all things. You will achieve life balance by improving your body-mind-soul balance.

Photo by Body Window.

The transformation of physiologic balance to an integrated body-mind-soul balance requires the knowledge that balance is the foundation for all movements. Balance is so basic and fundamental, yet so profound. All performance in the physical realm first requires balance. The body performs best—has less knee pain, back pain and all types of chronic pain—when your muscles are uniformly fit and balanced. If you have any bodily pain, it is most often because you are not uniformly balanced, and are overusing one side or another of your body.

Isn’t balance important for all things in life, whether mental, emotional or spiritual? If you strive for balance in all things, a given physical activity (like basic Yoga poses) can be the catalyst for transformation to the emotional, mental and spiritual realm.

In order for this transformation to take place, it takes your right brain. The right side of your brain accesses your body’s sensations and its special perceptions. You can re-discover your body’s inner wisdom by being open to its messages through the metaphor of balance. Find those hidden sensations tucked away inside you and feel your body’s special perceptions as you work on your balance on the Bosu Balance Trainer.

You can heal your body, mind and soul by discovering your true, inner self when you work on your balance. But first you need to learn to turn off the left, rational, detail-oriented brain, and go inward during your physical activity to discover this body-mind-soul balance.

Performing basic Yoga poses on the Bosu Balance Trainer really increases the balance required—it’s quite a challenge. The many small muscles of your core that are engaged while balancing on the Bosu Ball will really up your game. It’s a kind of Pilates and Yoga workout all in one. So meditate on total life balance when doing your basic Yoga poses on the Bosu. State aloud, “today I find my Inner Power and I am balanced in my body, mind and soul!”

Develop Your Own Body Intuition Through your Right Brain.

While the physical gurus can help you improve your form and technique, learn to trust the messages from your own right brain to get the most out of any meditative practice that begins in the physical realm.

Photo by Body Window

If you learn to listen to your body’s messages, developing intuition on your own, you will be fine as you work on your Bosu Balance Trainer. You learned to walk by yourself didn’t you? Wasn’t that the greatest feat of intuitive movement in your life? No one was there to coach you and tell you exactly how to hold your body or move your legs. Even if they did, your left brain wasn’t yet developed enough to get in the way. They were only there to praise you as you figured it out on your own!

Physical movements are dynamic, not static with isolated steps. Balance training exercises on the Bosu Balance Trainer are no different. Body-mind-soul movements are intuitive, personal and non-ego based.

The simple rule of all body-mind-soul movement is: if it hurts, don’t do it. If it brings you Peace and Healing, do it.

Everyone can focus on and train their balance. Whether you are a grey panther, a middle-aged klutz or a young, highly skilled athlete, the Bosu Balance Trainer has something for you. I couldn’t believe how much the Bosu ball changed my experience when I did basic yoga poses on it. The poses were twice as difficult, my form was twice as bad, but the experience was twice as wonderful. By doing your basic Yoga poses on the Bosu you can find your Inner Power at the very core of your being.

Pronams! May you find health and healing as you do movements for your soul. Basic yoga poses will always heal your body-mind-soul.

Elle Bieling is a holistic health nurse and creator of The Body Window, a website that helps you understand your body’s hidden messages. Your body’s messages are often hidden in metaphors of pain and dis-ease. Elle invites you to visit her site and begin to learn how foam rolling can aid you in understanding your body’s metaphors.

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