Eating with Abs | Veg Cooking Show Video

Via Abigail Wick
on Feb 7, 2011
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Elephant Journal columnist Abigail Wick is the creator of Eating with Abs, an online resource that serves as a positive, accessible resource for cultivating a healthy relationship with food. It encourages innovative, intuitive, plant-based meals; sustainably-sourced slow-foods; and a nutritious, mindful diet.

Abigail believes that food is social, personal, political, and sensual. Food brings people together for a common purpose, bolsters local economies, sustains small farms, transforms bodies, and nurtures culture.

Check out this cooking show, in which she and contributor Ellen Roggeman dish on Roasted Cauliflower & Potatoes in Fresh Herbs!


About Abigail Wick

Interested in glamor and good food? San Francisco-based writer and editor Abigail Wick is the creator of Eating with Abs, a cool resource that encourages innovative, intuitive, plant-based meals. It’s about DIY sophistication and culinary art on a budget. You're invited!


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