February 14, 2011

5 Monday Morning Distractions. Street Art, Unreasonable Institute, Sex Dolls, Palestine Papers and Elastica. – Nathaniel Janowitz

It’s Monday morning. Time to get to work right? Why not put it off and take some time to reintegrate after whatever your weekend held by checking out these 5 samplings from all over the internet. Nothing better on a Monday morning than Palestine and Sex Dolls.

Plus it’s Valentines day. Who can focus anyway?

Without further ado, here we go with 5 ways to kill time on a Monday morning.

1. Art: Street Artist Blu’s most recent video titled Big Bang, Big Boom. If you’ve never seen any of the Italian artists work before he brings street art to life through an amazing combination of stop-motion and absurd creativity. You can check out more of his work on his website.

2. Social Change: The Unreasonable Institute is back after their highly successful 2010 program. This year 45 finalists were selected from more than 300 applicants in 60 countries. Each applicant had to present a financially self-sustaining venture that has the ability to scale to serve the needs of at least 1 million people and demonstrates customer validation through sales or pilots. The finalists this year include a Chinese engineer with a prototype for waterless composting toilets; a 2010 CNN Hero from Kenya who has distributed over 10,000 solar lanterns; and an American inventor with a water purification system that can roll up to the size of a ruler.

The Unreasonable Institute brings 25 entrepreneurs from across the globe to attend a 6-week, mentor-intensive acceleration program in Boulder, CO where they will also be living under the same roof. They will recieve high-powered mentorship from 60 proven entrepreneurs and investors (including the co-founder of Fast Company, the co-founder of Google.org, an entrepreneur who has lifted over 24 million farmers out of poverty, and the former head of Global Brand Marketing at CocaCola), obtaining free consulting from premier organizations in the design, legal, fundraising and impact realms, and building relationships with hundreds of investors.

The first 25 finalists to raise $8,000 will be chosen to attend. Head to the Unreasonable Institute’s Finalist Marketplace and vote with your dollars for an entrepreneur you believe might change the course of history.


3. Fashion: Still haven’t gotten your honey a Valentine’s Day Present? Check out these fashionable pieces made out of used sex dolls. Click here or any of the pictures below to see more. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

4. Current Events: As a lot of attention has focused on Egypt over the last few weeks there hasn’t been as much talk about the Palestine Papers. The Palestine Papers are over 1600 documents leaked to Al Jazeera in January which showed many concessions the Palestinian negotiators were willing to make to secure a Palestinian state. These concessions were deemed to be drastic and upset many Palestinians and people sympathetic to their cause. Saeb Erekat, the head of the Palestinian negotiation team, recently stepped down after it was revealed the leaks came from within his office.

5. Throwback jam of the week: Elastica – Line up.

The 90’s British band’s simple yet unique guitar riff on this song kills me everytime.

Well if you got this far you have two options:

1. Go do some work (boring).


2. Put it off and check out some other Elephant Articles.

Remember; whatever you can do on Monday morning you can also do on Monday afternoon so keep slacking.

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