February 9, 2011

The human body is tuned to musical vibrations.

Some time ago,  I was in the middle of my research to understand sacred frequencies for our project Planetary Moods www.yeyeorgnanicpop.com when I read the information  in the article below through Ted, “Crazy Ted”, a reporter with a curriculum in science.

I felt motivated to share it as it was, since the information felt to me as challenging as it proves to be to many of our readers who felt inspired to comment at the end. You will see it creates many different reactions and the opinions shared are many, as much as the information added to it (thank you everyone),  some details are provoking as you can read in the comments.

After almost a year, I have come across many other information from different so call “experts” on the topic and reviewed ancient reference to this matter, but really grew into the understanding of frequency and vibration through my own actual practice of musical composition in the different frequencies we talk about here and some others frequencies, and going through my own transformation and those around me during the process.

The results have been wonderful in my opinion, as you can hear in Planetary Moods, and if there is one thing I can add to this article today, Sep 30th, 2011, in response to all comments and in honor to the communication of truthful information, and as a natural resolution to my own practice,  is that the field of music in sacred frequencies is a wide ancient practice but virgin field in our present time, in which all the information you will gather through out the internet proves to be only but the individual experimentation of the musician/healer himself, influenced by their own studies in the matter and the results they have observed. 

Your own  understanding will attract you to the musician/healer that fits your vibration at the moment. Undeniable is to say that in present times SOUND frequencies are been used to heal, restore DNA by Biologist, balance health in ill patients, brain therapy and trauma healing, spiritual trance, and not to forget as a war weapon to create illness and dis-ease. Undeniable is to say that SOUND frequencies are used to move matter and transform the elements within their own manifestation and that intention behind it is as important as the sound in itself, since the intention is also a vibration. But at this point all I can tell you with certainty is that your own personal experience should be the only clear story when it comes to vibration. 

Don’t let any disagreeable information discourage you from your own exploration of frequency and sound, after all we DO KNOW that EVERYTHING in the Universe is vibration. Tune up with that frequency that gives YOU well-being, good health and happiness and a desire to create well-being, good health and happiness for others.

Let your consciousness expand with an open mind to the reality that Life in itself is a miracle mysterious SOUND, we just know that we don’t know anything, beautiful indeed. At Planetary Moods we choose to make music with this knowledge. Your feedback is love. Keep up with your study! And share with the world what you dicover!

OM Love


Planetary Moods ~



This is the original article, I don’t know who wrote it.

Hi! I read this information today and though it was interesting topic to explore! What do you think?

Chromatic Scale and the Circle of Fifths.

Modern music is stuck in a tuning which was initiated by Josef Goebbels, the minister of propaganda of Hitler Germany, in 1939. This tuning (A=440Hz) is completely out of sync with the music of the universe and A Bigger Bang proves that modern music is part of an old paradigm quickly dying away. Within a few years everybody with ears to hear and eyes to see will discover the present world tour of music is the closing act of the masters of Rock n’Roll and of a musical era.

To prove this statement I have to return to Goebbels, one of the masters of manipulation in human history. It is a well know fact that the Nazis were in search of the holy grail and discovered in esoteric knowledge the means to mislead and conquer the world. The tuning of A=440 Hz (in the beginning of the 20th century already implemented in the USA …) was invented for one reason and one reason only: to control and manipulate the masses into unknowingness and use them for their own purposes.

From the musical masters of the East was learned that the human body is tuned to musical vibrations. The old musical masters from India and Tibet know how to play every emotion in the human body by using the right musical notes and… the right musical tuning. The 6th sense of human beings (their intuition or instant knowing) vibrates on A=432 Hz (the reason for example the Borobodour has 432 Buddha Statues) and by untuning the 6th sense and making A=440 Hz the musical standard Goebbels & (present day) followers have a simple means to misguide and misdirect everybody.

If you don’t believe me, consider the fact once upon a time you were one single cell. Next splitting up and forming 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512-1024-2048…cells. In fact this cell division process is a cascade of coherent musical octaves, also connected with our brainwaves and consciousness itself. A432 Hz is the 6th note in the octave starting with C=256 Hz.

The Goebbels tuning is simply untuning this cascade of octaves, creating untuned, sick human beings (the tuning is untuning not only the 6th sense but the whole human body and mind), divided against themselves and easy to manipulate and use by the power-elite to sell more and more of their worthless products, including the degenerated music itself.

The Stradivarius violin was made for playing in A=432 Hz, Mozart composed his music in A=432Hz. What does this mean? This means simply you have never heard the real music of Mozart. Even music played on old instruments in A=432 Hz is manipulated in the musical studio’s into A=440 Hz.

So all you composers and musicians it is high time to wake up and remove all chains of Plato’s Cave! Music is a very powerful vibration and we are all made from it. So let’s start listening to our own original and blissful music with new, enlightened ears.

Fibonacci Ratios and Musical Intervals

Leonardo de Pisa (circa 1180-1240 AD), better known as Fibonacci, discovered the uniformity of ancient harmonic wisdom. He realized that the natural branching, flowering, and spiraling forms in nature follow the same uniform laws found in musical scales.

He found this harmonic in nature is equal to a number sequence of 1–1–2–3–5–8–13–21–34–55–89–144 and so on, found by adding each number to the previous one to get the next number.

The Fibonacci series relates to all of the musical intervals, which comprise beautiful chords. The following table shows some Fibonacci ratio musical chords using the fundamental tone ‘A’:

Note           A          A         D         F        E        C        E        C#         F#        C#    D        F

Interval    root  octave  4th aug. 5th  5th   minor 3rd    5th    3rd    6th    3rd    4th    aug. 4th

Fibonacci ratio    1/1    2/1    2/3    2/5    3/2    3/5    3/8    5/2    5/3    5/8    8/3    8/5

The Fibonacci ratios were also utilized in sacred temple architecture, including the towering Gothic Cathedrals. Guillaume Dufay (c. 1400-1474) from the Netherlands composed music for the dedication of Florence’s cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in 1436. His musical piece was based on the Fibonacci series of tones, which corresponded to the dimensions of the cathedral’s dome. These ‘musical temples’ were part of the medieval renaissance of sacred geometry, Hermetic mysteries and the flowering of art and music.

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