Whole Foods, Stonyfield, Organic Valley…Monsanto?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 1, 2011
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Recently Whole Foods, Stonyfield, Organic Valley and Monsanto got together with Vilsack and came to an agreement.

What have the Big Greenies sold down the river to…Darth Vader? Just our food future.

Of course, the issue is slightly less black and white. It’s all about green—money. It’s all about green—eco-responsibility.

There’s quote, I remember, from Rolling Stone years ago. A forest ranger was quoted talking about trying to protect a forest from loggers. “We have to win every time. They only have to win once.” It’s the same thing with GMOs—they spread, just like a virus, making “organics” less of an option or choice than a…memory.

Angry? Sad? Depressed? Here’s what (little) we can do.

Read more over at Forbes, which terms this “OrganicGate.”


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7 Responses to “Whole Foods, Stonyfield, Organic Valley…Monsanto?”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Response from Organic Valley: @elephantjournal Please read our response to the OCA post: http://ov.coop.3ga (This is a good blog post about it, too: http://ov.coop/3h5).

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  3. Leana Sinatra says:

    I was pretty sick when I read about this last week. A friend posted a link to the story on facebook.

  4. There's been a lot of misinformation going around about the USDA's decision and the organic companies who advocated for GMO restrictions on behalf of farmers and consumers. Organic Valley does not have a relationship with Monsanto, nor did we come up with any sort of compromise or "deal" with them or the USDA.

    Here's what really happened: Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack had asked stakeholders to weigh-in on the USDA's impending decision regarding GMO alfalfa, and we were a part of these talks. Organic Valley has advocated to keep GMO alfalfa off the market from the start, and this was originally an option according to the USDA. However, as of December, they had left only two options on the table: allowing unrestricted commercial growing, or partly restricted growing. When we understood the only options the USDA was considering involved the legal planting of GMO alfalfa, we knew we had a responsibility to advocate for the most restrictive set of regulations possible. To have taken any other route at that juncture would have been a clear abdication of our responsibility to our organic farmers and consumers. Walking away from the table was not an option, and would only have furthered Monsanto's interests.

    Organic Valley will continue to explore all available legal and regulatory actions we can take to protect organic farmers and consumers. Ronnie Cummins and the OCA have needlessly injured the organic movement in what appears to be a shameless attempt at self-promotion. We expect an apology from Mr. Cummins and the OCA, and we hope they will begin immediately mending the harm they have caused to the movement we've worked so hard to build. In the meantime, we're standing together with several other organic groups in opposition to GE alfalfa, and plan to continue this fight: http://ov.coop/3h6.

    Leslie Kruempel
    Organic Valley

  5. Candace says:

    Thank you Leslie for your response. I did take the OCA's article with a grain of salt since their articles tend to sound a bit hysterical to me (compared to the Center for Food Safety and the Cornucopia Institute) but it is really nice to hear from you. Thanks to Organic Valley for continuing the good fight.

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  7. […] The organic industry may not know it is at war with the bio-tech seed industry, but the bio-tech industry definitely knows it is at war with organic. This time, through shrewd political lobbying with USDA and the White House, bio-tech agriculture has won a decisive victory in the continuing onslaught of genetically engineered foods, controlled by only a handful of multinational corporations. […]