February 8, 2011

Why I want to be rich.

When I think of being rich, and having a lot of money accessible to me either by winning the lottery or being really successful, my mind starts to go into dream mode, like anyone’s would, but most of the dream doesn’t include me, that’s the funny part. I think I was born with an immense need to give and help people and so when I begin dreaming about what I would do if I had lots of mulamula, I dream of all the ways I could help people close and far from me. So I keep asking myself, why does abundance not flow my way, which is probably a question many of us ask ourselves, especially those who know they would use it in a constructive and helpful way!

What I would do if I were rich.

First thing is first, I would continue to do what I love everyday, teach yoga! I would expand on my possibilities and try to find bigger ways in which I could offer help and support. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world to know that if you won 50 million dollars tomorrow you would keep doing the work you are doing right now! It’s the best gift I have given myself so far, to become a yoga teacher!

I would also give, give, and give to causes that are in need. Causes that really make a difference in people’s lives that reduce suffering and ill treatment towards others! This week I was heartbroken with a cause called the ‘Beagle Freedom Project’ that saves beagles from lab testing that have been in these labs their entire lives. They are used as objects, and have never touched grass or been outdoors. You can adopt these beagles and give them a home. It’s amazing! I would help people like Kathryn Budig give great funds to associations that save and shelter animals through her project ‘Poses for Paws’.

If I had money coming out of my ears, I would offer free yoga, and give people a chance to take their health at heart and heal without having the financial stress.

I would help people like Sean Corne, who dedicates her life to helping others, who works so hard to make a difference all over the world with her projects ‘Off the mat and into the world’. Not a lot of people dedicate such a big part of their life to things like this.

I would adopt animals and give them homes, without even an inch of doubt and worry of not having the financial ability to take care of them, as they need taking care of.

I would help my family and friends!

I would keep the paradise that my grandfather built himself. His beautiful domain, the lake, the deer, the woods and the house that he built and took care of with his own hands. Since my grandfather passed at Christmas, we have come to the realization that we will probably have to let it go! I would not keep it for what’s its worth, money wise; I would keep it for his heart and soul that is in that place.

The dear he used to feed every day, and play the violin for 🙂

The conclusion I came to.

I came to a very peaceful conclusion about why I am not rich, and why a lot of you out there that want to help others aren’t rich. Here it is. Life still needs our efforts. No matter how good a person you are, when you have lots of money, things are easier. Yes it would be nice for it to be easier to help others, but we all know that life is not about being easy. Effort is important.  We also know a lot of people out there that have loads of money and don’t help, when they know that it is that easy! Thank god we have people like Oprah, who is so generous and caring. Life is about getting out of our lives sometimes and putting effort in for other people or beings. The second conclusion I came to is that there are so many simple and not so big ways to send help out into the world. I hope through this article to encourage you to research ways that you can help, big or small and commit to getting out of your life every once in a while and into the life of others to help. I also hope to make the subject of money in the yoga world not so taboo. If you have some, great! Just do something constructive with it! If you don’t, also great, use the resources and energy that you already have to do just as amazing things! And we all know that life is not about money, it’s about love!

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Read 3 comments and reply

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