March 16, 2011

11 things you can do to help Japan. ~ Brent Binder

As if the 8.9 quake wasn’t enough. Or the massively destructive world wide tsunami that ensued. A nuclear meltdown continues.

Now What?

Officials say there is “no potential danger for United States Citizens yet”; however many west coasters have bum rushed pharmacies for over 10,000 orders of potassium iodide pills on saturday alone… What do they know that you don’t?

I loved elephant journal’s stance in Tamara Kerner’s apocalyptic piece. Then I saw the mentioned “be the change” Ghandi bumper sticker on my way home from work this evening and was bombarded with the following.

Here’s my loose change.

What you need to know is that right now (as of early Wednesday morning) the maximum human radiation dosage for one year is being volcanoed into the atmosphere at an hourly rate.

“Be the change…” is rightly declared by the bumper sticker. However the famous quote’s ending “… that you Want to see” is not valid at this present moment. Right now you “Have to be the change the world needs you to be.” But before you read on, Ben Riggs has provided this link for your contributions.

Now the list.

#1. Take a deep slow breath.

Create a space for peace in your heart and a space will be created for peace in the world. The people of Japan need peace of mind and thoughts of comfort. They have no heat, no power, no food or water, if you can’t give them any of that, give them a moment of peace, even if it’s only one moment, right now. Just one breath.


#2. Be creative.

You are a holographic microcosm of the earth (I got this from Carl Calleman). The left hemisphere of your brain represents the western hemisphere of the world, and the right side of your brain represents the eastern hemisphere of the world. Create a space for peace not only within your heart but also specifically within the right brain. The right hemisphere is simultaneously your creative/spirit/abstract brain and is also the physical location of Japan on the planet. Bust out the crayons and color pencils, write a happy poem, sing songs and share smiles with the someone you love, if you want to help the situation in Japan.

#3. Take a vow for 24 hours.

And let others know what your going to do on social media. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vow of silence, abstinence from sex, or fasting from red meat. Give up something in honor of those who have lost almost everything.

#4. Stop watching videos of the disaster.

I’m not saying you should hide your head in the sand either. If my family lived on the west coast, I would be keeping an ear down and an eye out. But, if you can create peace then you can also create dis-harmony. The internet media is fueling the firestorm of desperation of the Japanese people with everyone else’s pity and sorrow. I’m also not saying to forget about it and go back to life as normal. I’m not saying don’t be sorrowful either.  Just don’t embody the knee jerk reaction to victimize Japan. Instead, empower them with a mindset of courage and strength. Help the planet recognize this opportunity for Japan’s rebirth, the humanitarian effort, and the unity of our world by adopting that mindset yourself. You don’t even have to tell anyone, you just have to think it. Go wiki Japan, learn about and get to know these people. Befriend their consciousness.

#5 (should be #1). Stop worrying about the radiation.

And do something about it! Potassium iodide pills are the general recommendation for this type of radiation. I’m not saying if were gonna need it or not, and this is not medical advice. But it definitely wouldn’t hurt to look. Consult a physician, and you can start with the CDC recommendations here.

#6. Accept the reality of this moment.

The earth has been changed forever, literally four inches from it’s axis. That’s called a pole shift. Which I believe is inherently linked to our consciousness.

#7. Get ready for more.

Haiti, New Zealand, Japan and many recent others may only be the beginning. In the human body symptoms that manifest with increasing intensity and frequency are never good. So it definitely can’t be a good thing for the planet.

#8. Trust the process of nature.


I know the suspense must be killing you (no pun intended). But is this for reals? “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”  is all of the sudden a very scary Lao Tzu slice of pie. So what if it is a shift… Shift happens.  Isn’t that what all this yoga and meditation is about anyway? Befriending your soul and embracing “the miracle of death… When the real you doent really die.” ~ Chopra.

Worrying just fans the flames of panic and unrest. Nobody needs that.

#9. Engage (don’t ignore) your inner emotions evoked by the disaster and this blog.

Are you getting angry, upset, uncomfortable or inspired? Whatever it is, meditate on it, do an intense assana, and listen to what the (universal spirit) subconscious is trying to telling you. Because apparently earthquakes aren’t enough warning any longer.

#10. Take responsibility.

You are an individual among billions of other individual organisms. Your thoughts create reality and your imbalances manifest in the world around you. Collectively, universally, consciously or unconsciously, we all participate in the earths grand dance of survival and evolution. If your near a region affected by this or any other disaster, go help. If not, go to your meditation room or yoga mat, and reflect on what you have done. I would call it, the reverse Maharashi Effect.

#11. Forgive everyone and become wholeheartedly appreciative for your opportunity to love in this life time.


Brent Binder is a chiropractor and does not believe the world is going to end anytime soon. He is not perfect and is writing this article for himself foremost. He claims to be working on a book, but will most likely just facebook post all his really good ideas. He is extensively educated in Human Life Forms with a B.S. in Biology, a Masters in Sport Science and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. A Taurus by heart and teacher of Human and General Biology at Penn State University. Brent leads a small mediation group on the weekend and is sometimes lucky enough to fill in for his tai chi instructor when she can’t make class. He aspires to teach yoga with his Wife, Erica, and grow happiness, health and an assortment of veggies in their back yard garden with their recently born daughter of 6 weeks, Neela Shanti. You can friend him on facebook. or in real life if you prefer.

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