March 15, 2011

8 Ways to Celebrate the Day of Your Birth!

How do we nourish ourselves?

The day of our birth is a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon how we care for and nurture ourselves. The day of our birth is a wonderful opportunity to create space to care for and nurture ourselves. Today I am doing just this! Here are the ways I plan to celebrate the day of my birth!

1. Journal – I picked up a blank journal and plan to write brief passages about insights into myself and life – especially those aha! moments. Two years ago I discovered that I love to write and since then have written many poems and articles. Everyone can do it – not just “writers!” Today, I’ll write about what in my life I am grateful for.

2. Spend time with family & friends – Time spent with family and friends makes my heart sing. I love sitting with a cup of tea and a friend and sharing. This birthday a small group of friends will join me for lunch! It will be nice to have everyone in one space at the same time! Another aspect of this involves speaking my true feelings to those that I care about and care about me. I’d like to invite greater intimacy and authenticity into all my relationships. Let’s get real people!

3. Call my mother and thank her for birthing me – My mother beat me to it. As I was thinking of calling her this morning when I was brushing my hair, the phone rang and it was her. I did thank her for giving birth to me and it made her happy!

4. Breathe and walk slowly – This week of my birthday I want to create more opportunities to do nothing. My date book is often filled with events, classes, meetings and appointments. I’d like to take this week slower than usual and really focus on nurturing the relationship with myself. I’d like to just see where the day takes me instead of taking my day with me. I’d like to thankful for my breathe and my health and well being.

5. Eat chocolate – A birthday is not a birthday without chocolate.

6. Dance around the living room – My girls and I will put on jazz, then Ricky Martin, then Pink followed by Snatam Kaur. We’ll dress up in silks and twirly skirts and get ecstatically goofy in the living room.

7. Read – I have about 10 books that I’m reading these days. Part of my self nourishing practice this week will be to create more opportunities to pick up my books and spend some quality time with them – perhaps at the Boulder Red Tent. I will also pause to read my birthday cards, but really read my birthday cards and allow the energy of love within them fill me.

8. Pay attention to what makes me happy. – I recently told a friend, “I can’t stop smiling!” I find joy in the smallest of things and I want to create happiness more consistently, especially around mundane and stressful situations like getting my girls into the car in the morning. I do notice that when I am feeling grateful for my life and my gifts, I am filled with more joy.

What nourishment will you bring to yourself on the day of your birth?

What do you need to give yourself?

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