March 24, 2011

Seane Corn’s Detox Flow Yoga ~ Corti Cooper

I was excited to learn from Seane Corn and take her Detox Flow class but conscious of projecting the results of the practice onto her, my teacher for the day. It is not the teacher that transforms us, but ourselves through our inner work.

Through a thoughtfully designed sequence and complimentary lecture on physiological options for optimal wellness, Seane Corn created an environment for us to explore the challenges of our bodies, question every aspect of our life and ask whether our lives are nourishing us or damaging us.

Where do you turn for nourishment and comfort instead of dealing with what’s bothering you? I often have a glass of wine to check-out, or find the hardest possible yoga class around with every inversion and arm balance in an effort to move away from the anxiety in life instead of facing it. Food, regardless of its content, can feel like a nurturing moment. Same for drugs, alcohol, shopping and inappropriate sex.

The whole universe is vibrating and as these vibrations move through the system we must acknowledge and befriend them in order to let them go. By not dealing with any of these vibrations, we are suppressing energy within and we create tension, stress and anxiety.

People become addicted to the stress because it is a survival instinct and they can feel in control.

When we let the stress go, we become vulnerable because the emotions come up and we have to deal with them. Vulnerability is not a bad thing. Vulnerability is the openness and willingness to experience the reality of life. To observe our pains and our weaknesses and be friends with them. To learn to love and forgive the things that we do that are not perfect.

When we can let go of the fantasy and escape we can begin to nourish our relationship with God. By activating our relationship with God and then through commitment to that connection, we can more easily go into our households and communities integrated, available and present.

We nourish our bodies with food, exercise and even with spa experiences. How do we nourish our inner self, deconstructing the layers of anger, fear and loneliness to find our true selves, beautiful, loving and perfect at this moment? With God, whole and present.

The practice itself was invigorating as it was exhausting. The breath work was phenomenal, using Lion’s breath with Bandha breath retention (holding in the belly and dropping the chin while holding the breath out). After sun saluts a and b, came a core sequence about which Seane said, “You will hate this,” and it was, indeed, horrid.

It was an opportunity to ask questions such as, “Am I breathing?” and to attempt to be friends with but not give in to the very loud voice in my head that was saying, “This is too intense.” If sensation is emotion, I certainly have a lot of it — in that particular case, rage.

The standing sequence was strong with long holds and instruction late into the pose to keep our minds from letting the body collapse. Intermixed with some gorgeous standing forward bends and breath work, it was challenging but ultimately invigorating. Standard backbends and long holds on forward bends finished the practice while Seane spoke of detoxing the mind through meditation, self-inquiry and connection with God.

Ultimately, the goal is to cleanse the mind, body and spirit so that one’s relationship with God is strong, loving and whole. With this connection, all else is surrender, compassion and love.


Corti is a yogini and a designer; a traveler of the world and a determined seeker of learning. Through art and yoga, Corti explores the planes of reality, deconstructs the rhetoric of cultures and looks for the essence of happiness. Here are a few of her adventures, out of context, out of bounds, for humans.
When home, Corti runs a small design studio (http://dotthinkdesign.com) and teaches vinyasa flow yoga (http://yoga.corticooper.com) in the well manicured and always mannerly, Connecticut USA. Her personal practice consists of breath work and a daily walking meditation with her sweet pup, Amarella.

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