March 5, 2011

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Of course you won’t!  Never. Me? Nope. Well, maybe… sometimes.


There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally. You will only need to trust yourself to make responsible choices. You are never responsible for the actions of others; you are only responsible for you. When you truly understand this, and refuse to take things personally, you can hardly be hurt by the careless comments or actions of others.
~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Okay. I admit. I tend to take things personally. More than sometimes. To a fault.

Thanks to Dainaz Illava for posting this video to your facebook page. 😉

Photo via flickr.com by CassidyGrummer

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Lynn Hasselberger

Lynn Hasselberger is a mom, writer, marketer, and award-winning cat herder who lives in Chicagoland. Sunrises, running, yoga, chocolate, and comedy are just a few of her favorite things. She hopes to make the world a better place, have more fun, re-develop her math skills, and overcome her fear of public speaking. Like her writing? Subscribe to her posts.