March 19, 2011

How healing / personal development / therapy became super-fast & easy!

Until quite recently the accepted view was that therapy takes time (not to mention money).

Now, for real inner transformation, only a few sessions are needed. Sometimes only one!

How is this possible?

Well, therapy evolved. It used to be psychological, or emotional, or ‘energy’ oriented. The problem with these approaches is that the root cause is (very often) not healed: because the cause of our problems is rarely, if ever, head, or heart, or energy based.

The root cause is almost always a deeply subconscious association that relates to survival, safety, or sexuality.

And that means it relates to the gut.

When you work on an issue (whether it’s a physical symptom or an emotional problem, or depression – whatever!), if you find the deepest feeling associated with that problem, and release it from the subconscious, the issue will usually just fall away. (It’s a little more complicated than that – sometimes there are other factors to consider – such as secondary gain – but essentially, it is that simple).

You always feel the deepest feeling associated with the problem in the gut, because that is our center; it’s where our survival issues originate.

The reason it’s so easy is that you are not your problems. Your issues are just ‘stuff’ that you carry around with you. Yes, baggage.

Another analogy is clothing: You are not the clothes you wear. You just wear or carry them. As easy as it is to drop a piece of clothing, so it is simple to release your blockages.

What are you then, if not your ‘stuff’?

Your stuff is just a part of your ‘story’. You can keep on telling your story, and holding onto your blockages, for as long as you like. But when the time comes that you’ve had enough of that, and would like to be genuinely, deeply happy and successful, then you can quickly and easily let it all go.

Because what you really are is pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is what the ancient yogis referred to as Satchitananda – pure existence, consciousness, and bliss.

The essence of everything is pure consciousness. It’s simply the creative power in the universe. It has also been called God; spirit; Tao… there are many names.

When we stop experiencing the joy and love of pure consciousness, it’s because our perception and experience of our own essential nature are blocked. Almost all of us have blockages, because our society is pretty badly flawed.

The good news is that it’s changing, and you can change too. If you want to experience deep inner peace; joy; bliss… if you would like to heal your blockages so that your life, and the lives of your children, can be better, get in touch.

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but I’m not a corporate banker. I am a healer. So I’m not in the least ashamed of promoting my work, because I love it, and I know that it is a powerful tool for inner transformation.

My therapy is based on the alternative healing technique of Reference Point Therapy, which I also teach.  You can find the RPT website here, the RPT blog here.

Inner transformation and powerful personal development no longer takes ages, costs a fortune, or has to be difficult.

When you’re ready to change, the change can now come very easily. It’s also fast and fun!

I know a lot of people will be skeptical about this. It seems too good to be true. However, I ask you, if you are skeptical, to keep an open mind. Look into it. You can start with my testimonials page on my website, which is just a selection of the many clients I’ve seen who’ve had amazingly fast results.

Whatever you think, I’d love to know. Leave a comment – can healing really be fast and lasting? Or am I just another snake oil salesman?! Do you have any specific questions about this technique, or how it works? I’ll be happy to answer them…

Oh, and while you’re at it, hit the facebook ‘like’ button so that together we can let as many people as possible know that life is meant to be fun!

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