Ke$ha Does Beach Yoga in retro Granny Panties – Photo Caption Contest.

Via Birdie Greenberg
on Mar 21, 2011
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This week, US Magazine captured pop sensation, Ke$ha, doing a little yoga on the beach in a lovely high-waisted number.

In honor of these lovely photos, we’re having a photo caption contest.  Winner gets tons of respect.  Have at it in the comments below.

editor’s note: pop culture is a small part, but a part of what we do. We love granny panties, they’re old school and retro…and we love to see any leader in any field practicing a little yoga. So for those who think this is a criticism of Ke$ha, please breathe deep and think again. Yoga goes pop may not be groundbreaking, vital news, but it is what it is: fun, stylee, light. ~ ed.


About Birdie Greenberg

Birdie Greenberg has been a struggling yogi since the summer of 2004, when she was stressing herself out studying to pass the bar exam. In an effort to chill her out, her mom dragged her flapping and squawking into her first yoga class. She never looked back. Four years later, she became a Registered Yoga Teacher with Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. Birdie lives and works in Los Angeles, California. And when she's not yogaing or blogging, you'll probably find her hiking in the mountains with her handsome husband and her two beloved furballs. You can read more about her personal yoga journey at her blog, Yogi, interrupted.


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