March 28, 2011

The video every yogi needs to see!

When we do yoga, this is what happens:



Bonus, vital:

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Checkit Apr 12, 2013 1:05pm

This great – it is time for a fuzz free lifestyle

Katydid Nov 30, 2012 10:51am

Interesting video and concept. I'm not sure of the connection between what he sees in a corpse and what is present in a living body. This viewpoint comes from Dr. Stephen Levin:

In Guimberteau’s video, ‘Strolling Under The Skin’, what you see there is that the ‘fuzzy’ stuff is really dynamic tissue that is under constant change. Tissues don’t ‘slide’, there is no shear, they reconfigure with each movement. The dynamics of a cell ceases with death. Ca++ [calcium ions] flood into the cell and it stiffens — that’s rigor mortis. It starts within minutes of death, as soon as the circulating ATP [energy molecule] runs out. The ‘fuzz’ is connective tissue that is stiffened during rigor mortis, and it doesn’t happen unless you die. It occurs within minutes of death, and you can almost watch it happen. It is like snot hardening. The mucus booger that comes out of your nose quickly hardens and becomes quite stiff; at death, the mucus that connects all our tissues, does the same.

Is Gil also a medical doctor? I'm curious as to how he became involved in the study of fascia using dissected cadavers.

Fuzz skeptic Sep 15, 2012 7:13am

This is exactly the point. His PHD is in Theological and philosophical ethics and is trained as a Rolfer.. So I looked up his school he went to in NYC. It has no website and the FB page has 150 followers? IM School of Healing Arts… He seems to make great money off his videos and seminars but where did he learn his info? Theory and pseudoscience? Why are we not learning this with real proven data and technical terms? Or from a PT, any medical person? Because he wants your money perhaps?

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