What makes life so difficult? Easy.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 21, 2011
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“A great deal of the chaos in the world occurs because people don’t appreciate themselves.” ~ Chögyam Trungpa


Affair to Remember: “What makes life so difficult?” Cary Grant: “People.”

Terry McKay ( Deborah Kerr ):

“What makes life so difficult?”

Nickie Ferrante ( Cary Grant ):


I probably refer to this quote once a month. Why’s life so hard? People.

Next question!


Interestingly, people, in the Buddhist tradition, are also one of the three jewels, the treasures that can help us along the path out of confusion and toward wakefulness. There’s no getting away, really, from chaos and love and loss and disappointment and deception. It’s the water we human fish swim in, what Buddhists call samsara.

We can, however, through meditation, begin to see through it and gain some sense of clarity and humor about our situation. And, if we can dedicate ourselves to helping others do so, too, our life might just become bearable, and occasionally really vivid and magical, in an ordinary way.


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4 Responses to “What makes life so difficult? Easy.”

  1. Joe Sparks says:

    We have called the great accumulation of patterned behavior,patterns, oppression, and nonsense which we are taught to accept as children "pseudo- reality". Such pseudo-reality can be exposed, can be organized against, can be faced and eliminated. So, in reality, each new moment continually offers us a new opportunity for starting a new future which can be as we choose and which can be different than anything in the past.

  2. TamingAuthor says:

    Nicely stated Waylon. Love the film reference. We could go further to Brando's reading at the end of Apocalypse Now when he mumbles, "The horror, the horror." We could substitute into the same reading, "The people, the people."