When I Have Thought Of You Somewhat Too ~ A Poem of Lust by e.e. cummings

Via elephant journal
on Mar 11, 2011
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Poem via Sir Richard’s on FB.

when i have thought of you somewhat too

much and am become perfectly and

simply Lustful….sense a gradual stir

of beginning muscle, and what it will do

to me before shutting…understand

i love you…feel your suddenly body reach

for me with a speed of white speech

(the simple instant of perfect hunger


how beautifully swims

the fooling world in my huge blood,

cracking brains A swiftlyenourmous light

—and furiously puzzling through, prismatic, whims,

the chattering self perceives with hysterical fright

a comic tadpole wriggling in delicious mud


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3 Responses to “When I Have Thought Of You Somewhat Too ~ A Poem of Lust by e.e. cummings”

  1. Ella says:

    i just felt my pulse in my tongue, did someone turn up the heat in here? Mmmm I love me some e.e. and I love ele! That pictures is… wow, the suggestive knees and shoulders and the glimpse of intimate aftermath. Oh my.

  2. Hollie says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    LOVE his work!!!
    One of my favorite's …

    one winter afternoon
    (at the magical hour
    when is becomes if)

    a bespangled clown
    standing on eights street
    handed me a flower.

    nobody, it’s safe
    to say, observed him but

    myself; and why? because

    without any doubt he was
    whatever(first and last)

    mostpeople fear most:
    a mystery for which I’ve
    no word except alive

    -that is, completely alert
    and miraculously whole;

    with not merely a mind and a heart

    but unquestionably a soul-
    and by no means funerally hilarious

    (or otherwise democratic)
    but essentially poetic
    or ethereally serious:

    a fine not a couarse clown
    (no mob,but a person)

    and while never saying a word

    who was anything bud dumb;
    since the silence of him

    self sang like a bird.
    Mostpeople have been heard
    Screaming for international

    measures that render hell rational
    -I thank heaven somebody’s crazy

    enough to give me a daisy

    ee cummings
    collected works page 802

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