March 17, 2011

Is your state at risk of Nuclear Exposure due to Earthquake?

This isn’t about unwarranted fear. Safety comes by facing the reality we’ve created & dealing with it responsibly.

Let’s put our energy into solar, wind, geothermal, bicycling/walking/public transport, consuming/using less & more efficiently.

NY, VA, SC, MA, PA, CA, FL and TN top the list.

Here’s the map.

“10 nuclear power sites with the highest risk of suffering core damage from an earthquake, showing their NRC risk estimates based on 2008 and 1989 geological data.”

Here’s the info, via BoingBoing, which features full map as well.

Here’s an excerpt of a comment on BoingBoing: “…interesting we’re limiting the scope of the data to just earthquakes. Living in Houston, I would be more worried about if the South Texas Project reactors are at risk from damage due to a strong hurricanes or storm surge following a hurricane…”

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Read 3 comments and reply

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