April 15, 2011

Q + A with Anusara Yoga Founder John Friend. Guess What He Said About Kundalini Shakti?!

1. You talk in this video interview done by Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal (video below) about hearing about supernatural yogis as a young boy who seemed like superheroes. Can you talk a bit about your take on the metaphysical benefits of being devoted to yoga?

The Siddhis are accomplishments and powers that allow us to have greater access to Consciousness and the Delight filled realm of creativity. Practicing hatha yoga helps to cultivate the Siddhis. In our Tantric school, obtaining these powers is not our primary goal. Yet, we attempt to cultivate them for expansion of Consciousness and more skillful means to have creative Delight.

Our metaphysical view sets the foundation for how we live. We see our accomplishments and proficiency at living as a direct reflection of ourmetaphysical view. The benefits of yoga are the benefits of life. You can have lightness of being, you can move with amazing freedom, not just the ability to levitate your body (lagima). It is not just about slowing your heart rate down to an extended pause, but it is being able to make your highest dreams manifest. These things are relevant to all people. The efficacy of how we manifest our dreams is reflective of our metaphysical viewpoint.

2. Can you describe how we can access Shakti through our asana practice?

Shakti is the creative power of the Universe that is reflected in the prana, or the life force, of our body. It is further reflected in our breath, the beating of our heart, the movement of our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, every intention, every direction of our attitude within the practice affects the Shakti.

Shakti is also in the environment, the room in which we practice. There are ways to sanctify a space and bring more sacred Spirit into a space. We can use the technology of alignment, the breath, the direction of the flow of prana in the body, all to expand Shakti within the practice of yoga.

3. Can you define supreme consciousness?

Supreme Consciousness is the creative Energy that is Pulsing with an Unbounded Delight and Absolute Goodness at the very Essence of everyone and everything. It is the self-reflective power of pure Awareness that is fundamental to all Being.

4. If you could tell a group of 1000 students just one thing, what would it be?

Life is a blessing. Each person has a unique gift to offer back into this co-creative Dance with the Divine that is life.

For more from this interview with John Friend visit Joy for Life.

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