April 14, 2011

Death Is A Preventable Disease.

Why are we so afraid of death that we jump through hoops to ignore it?

Why do we find death so repulsive that we fail to see its beauty?

Its like we’re embarrassed about our impending death, so we want to hide any image or idea that reminds us of our lack of control. That is to say, we hate any thing that reminds us that we will certainly die, but the time and date of our death is, as of now, uncertain…

Joe Yeoman published a beautiful article about a dignified animal’s final days. The comments on Facebook (as seen above) suggested that Joe and myself were way off base in calling death a “beautiful thing.” Why is this animal considered beautiful by everyone on the planet, that is, until it begins to struggle for its last breath?

It seems to me that we have one of two options:

Realize that death is natural.

Death is a dimension of life, so there is no reason to be embarrassed about it. If death isn’t beautiful, then life is doomed to be ugly. Pretty and ugly are terms that co-emerge in a dualistic situation, but life isn’t dualistic. So, it would seem that death, being the inevitability that it is, has no point of comparison, no reference point. It is natural, therefore it is beautiful.

Don’t agree.

Then, join Aubrey De Gray in cultivating a path that cures death:

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