Finally! A Reality Show That’ll Make a Real Difference.

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Apr 27, 2011
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Normally, I scoff at reality TV.

But this is different. This is The Nautical Tribe.

The exciting and inspiring new reality TV series–starring Fabien Cousteau and directed by Jim Rizor–features college students competing to make a positive change. Eco-adventure activism on the the high seas! Each anchorage provides new philanthropic and environmental challenges.

Fabien Cousteau

There’s no elimination. Or in this case, no one is forced to walk the plank. Instead, it’s a competition of cooperation–in unique and perilous environments–demanding creative and dynamic hands-on solutions to environmental and humanitarian predicaments. Collective scores from five prominent professors account for 75% of the student’s GPA. The remaining scores will be based on student and audience voting plus the occasional extra credit quiz challenges.

Director Jim Rizor

I asked The Nautical Tribe‘s director Jim Rizor what inspired him to create the show:

I taught public H.S. for 13 years and created this show to inspire young people to connect to Nature and build self-efficacy through participation in solution-based projects.
I’ve been sailing and diving for many years and grew up watching Cousteau and reading every ocean adventure story I could get my hands on. Sailors are the original “Off the Grid” innovators and the qualities learned out to sea teach resourcefulness, interdependence & respect for a power greater than ourselves. Things that have been absent in the experience of far too many young people today.

The mission: Leave it better than you found it.

Each season follows 16 college students who will take to the high seas in a high-tech pirate ship for unique semesters of “be the change.” Selected applicants will sail to exotic locations where they’ll explore the local scene, access social and sustainability issues and create action plans to serve for the betterment of all. The professors will set dynamic challenges in every episode that will result in practical innovations. The participating students will work with young people from around the world to join hands in lifting awareness and hope.

The Goal: Inspire change agents for our blue planet…

…and identify the most Green Philanthropic Adventurer (GPA).

The Prize. Two $80,000 scholarships!

…and, for all participants, what should prove to be a once in a lifetime experience.
Students will be exposed to a gamut of environmental issues–from plastic garbage patches in our oceans to the impact of deforestation–and potential resolutions like plastic reduction and fuel conversion; sustainable shipping; and marine life rescue.

Take to the high “SEAS”…

Sail to remote and exotic locations (without using fossil fuels);
Explore the culture, history and wildlife;
Assess the challenges of the area;
Serve the betterment of all.

Apply to participate at (If only I could!)

Otherwise, follow the tribe on Facebook and twitter @nauticaltribe for updates.

P.S. Find out how you can sponsor an episode!

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