April 25, 2011

Photo Gallery: For Earth Month, 20 Beautiful Places…You Probably Haven’t Been.

In celebration of the earth and my 20 years on it, my favorite places around the globe that highlight the beauty and importance of our environment…

April is my absolute favorite month. It represents springtime, includes my birthday, and features more exciting environmental initiatives than I am able to keep track of, many centered around Earth Day, on April 22.

Earth Day has passed and April is nearly over, but what better time to start writing for elephant journal than now?

I see Earth Month as a time to reflect upon, be thankful for, and take action to protect our natural surroundings. For the past forty-one years, the international community has come together to honor this precious resource that we all share! While that is truly terrific, such stewardship must extend beyond a specific event, beyond the day, beyond April. We have only one planet – and it is the privilege and responsibility of our collective populace to ensure it remains a thriving sustainable place for future generations.

And appreciation of our environment can begin with something as simple as getting outside!

Now, I may not seem like your typically outdoorsy girl, but let me tell you…I adore it. Bewildering rock formations, steep grassy slopes, violent crests of waves, mammoth blocks of ice; these are the sorts of images that come to mind when I think of nature in its pure form. The natural world is quite majestic.

So, in celebration of the earth and my twenty years on it, I would like to share twenty of my favorite places around the globe that highlight the beauty and importance of our environment.

And I would love to hear some of your favorites as well! Let’s share and celebrate the magnificence of nature worldwide…sound good?

Happy Belated Earth Day, Happy Earth Month, Happy Earth Now and Forever!

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