April 20, 2011

How to be a human being.

To each their own perspective.

Learning and knowing how to be a responsible, caring and loving human being can mean so many things to so many different people therefore there is not one set way as to how we should act, make choices and do what we do everyday. What is important is that the things that we do everyday are not harming anyone and aren’t destructive in any way and this is where our society misses out sometimes. This is a very sensitive topic for me as a yoga teacher, and someone who is always being so aware of her actions, making sure I can do my best every day! It kills me to see someone in pain.

Compassion is the key to success.

One of the things that I see most in everyday life is the lack of compassion towards others. We seem to have this need to fight back, defend, resist, be revenged and my question is why??? I know part of the answer and it’s the ego, our defense mechanism is  kicking in but if we would always take a moment, a day or  a week before reacting to something then we would have more space to realize what is really important. When I ask why, it’s mostly why would you want to waste your energy with all these negative reactions when compassion brings so much more piece, understanding and growth in your life. Not mentioning the success you will have in everything you do because life will give back to you, I promise! It’s Karma…!

I challenge you the next time, someone beeps the horn at you, makes a decision that feels hurtful to you, cuts you off on the high way, answers rudely at the cash or whatever other situation to take a moment to breathe before you react. Maybe that person is rushing to the hospital because a loved one had an accident, maybe the person at the cash just lost someone dear to them and is going through a rough time, maybe the person who took the decision that really p***ed you off is doing their best and just trying to do what feels right to them. The point is, most of the time we don’t know, so we shouldn’t judge and remember that a lot of the time it’s not about you, it’s not personal. If you show compassion, the other person will feel that and then it just has a ripple effect. This is how we are going to change things in the world!

Practice list on how to be a human being.

I could write 10 pages on this topic because it is so important to me, but we all have things to do right so I am going to make a short list of things to reflect on. You don’t have to do everything on it but pick a few, practice then when you got those down pack, pick a few more! Let’s help fill this earth with happy and healthy human beings!

– Don’t always assume that you are right. You can look at a given situation from a lot of different lenses and if we all have different perspectives on things that means that even both people can be right about one thing. Life is not a competition and in the end what really matters?

– Next time you are on the highway, make extra effort to let someone in, in front of you, even if they are being a jackass. You’ll see it feels really good!

– Next time someone at work is rude, aggressive or even annoying to you, go get them a coffee or a tea and tell them you wish them a good day (not sarcastically…lol), with honesty and compassion. It will make them feel really great and help them calm down.

– Trust that each person is doing their best in that given moment with the tools, resources and values they have. We are often hard on others.

– When something really frustrating happens to you like you drop something in the kitchen making a huge mess, you bang your head or you trip and fall, take 5 seconds without any reactions at all so you can realize that it’s really not a big deal, then smile or even laugh. You’ll see the situation will become so unimportant that you will just deal with it and move on.

– Learn to let go.

– Don’t take life so seriously.

– Happiness comes from the amount of discipline you have.

Be a Happy Human Being!

And remember, we can’t do everything perfectly all the time. You will swear at the person who cuts you off every once in a while, but just be aware and do your best at that given moment as much as you can. We all have set backs, it’s natural but learn from the past to not repeat in the future!


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