April 9, 2011

Live your Truth, or Die your Lie.

A small line from The Veda changed my Life.

A decade back this small line of four words had the power to change the way I looked at things, shake my belief systems and send me on a bitter sweet journey of self exploration. The line was “Nasti Satyat Paro dharma”…there is no Religion (Purpose) higher than that of the Truth.

They say that The Truth just “is”. “Is” is its nature. But, how can we live this “Truth” in our day to day life?  How can we live the Truth when we are low and emotional? how can we live this Truth in times of low self esteem? Is it possible or is it mere theory in the archaic books of Yoga.

The transcendent “is-ness” also extends in our world of duality. The beauty of Universe lies in the fact that the imminent and transient are both present simultaneously in the here and now; it is not that the permanent is in one place and the impermanent in another. Let me make it simple, if your name is Anne and whist walking on the street someone calls out to Mary, would you answer? No, this is the Truth for you at that moment, you did not respond because your name “is not” Mary, your name “is” Anne, and so there was no reason for you to respond to the call. This is your “clarity”, your “certainty”, your Truth at that moment. This is the practicality of Truth; till we reach “The” Truth let us try to live our “relative” Truths with honesty. Clarity in our own relative Truth can help us to live our life in a less stressful way; this is when ordinary act becomes worship.

How do we go about gathering the pieces of our Truth? The first step towards any process of self change is “Self-acceptance”. An honest reflection and recognition of our positives and negatives is the start of exploration of “Self” truth. This leads to acceptance of what we are and in turn should be followed by action to evolve and transcend. With the acceptance of things as they “are” begins the process of Yoga, and therefore the yoga sutra of Patanjali starts with “atha yoga anushasanam” the word “atha” here signifies “now” or “ after having generated self acceptance of how you are”, “starts the exploration of yoga” Chapter 1:1.

Truth is essentially one but it manifests in innumerable forms in the relative world. It is the gradual unfolding of this Truth that gives us the sense of Freedom and liberation. Every stair of relative Truth exists to lead us to the next level of Truth, and the next, till we finally reach the lofty heights of the Truth Pinnacle. That is why it is essential to be “clear” about our relative Truth and accept responsibility for our own intent and action. For this very reason “satya” is one of the basic vows to be adhered to in the Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali.

In the relative realm it is evident that the Truth will change, but what is important is to know when to drop the old Truth and to welcome the new Truth that can catapult us into the newer dimension of Reality. Stay on your path (abhyasa) and work your way through levels of Truth by knowing when to let go (vairagya) is Patanjali’s suggestion.

The whole Yoga philosophy is based on this one single power packed concept, “Be the Truth”. The ancient books of Yoga have again and again given us slogans and statements of intent to live our lives with. “Satyameva jayate” Truth alone wins, “Nasti Satyat Paro dharma “, There is no Religion ( Purpose ) higher than that of the Truth are a few of them.

Let us all make a conscious effort to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves and Live our Truth, as the Upanishad says “satyam vada, dhamman chara” “speak the truth and keep walking on your Path.” All the best.

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Read 12 comments and reply

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