April 25, 2011

Namaste: A Poem by Nicole Taylor.

Photo: Canon in 2D


Closing a flow yoga class,
with our palms to chests
and nods inward,
I ask my Dutch teacher,
“What does namaste mean?
I forget.”
She tells me
it is a type of thanks.
It is a Hindu greeting
salutation I later read.
We Americans, many Christians
thank Fenny
without repeating namaste.
Nicole Taylor currently has many hopeful projects, a variety of styles and a wide variety of subjects. She hopes for more chapbooks and a nicely bound poetry book soon. She has been accepted at Abraham Lincoln Magazine, Asphodel Madness, Camel Saloon, 4 and 20 Journal (a short nature poem), Just Another Art Movement (New Zealand), Ken Again, Kerouacs Dog, Outward Link (three peaceful social poems), Nefarious Ballerina, Pigeon Bike, The Scrambler and other journals online and in print. Nicole Taylor has been published  and winning locally. She is a dancer, an artist and a volunteer. She blogs at http:/www.apoetessanthology.blogspot.com/
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Read 2 comments and reply

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