April 4, 2011

Surfing the waves of life.

Life flows like the ocean.

I just came back from Mexico and spent 8 days observing and absorbing the ocean. At 27 years old this was my first experience, and all I can say is that it spoke to me all week long. When you stare at the ocean you notice the perfect mix of colours; the dark blue from the deepness, the aqua from the the water closer to the land, the white from the waves washing into shore and the beige of the sand that your two feet are sunken into. It’s more than perfect and so beautiful. Along with this beauty is the movement, rythme and flow of the water. I came to realize that the ocean was an exact replica of life, if, and only if we let things flow naturally

Resistance causes stagnation.

Life has a natural flow, and it will offer us what we need to learn the lessons that need to be learned. Once you understand that concept, it’s so much easier to let life happen. Whether something happening in your life is easy or challenging, there is something to be learned in order for you to continue your journey, grow and expand into the person you deeply want to be. The more we resist experiences, people, challenges and opportunites, the more our growth and energy stagnates. This is when we begin to feel like we are stuck in a rut. Sarah Susanka said something in her book ‘The Not So Big Life’: ‘Do what is being asked of you and see what happens’. This is a sentence I have been keeping in mind a lot this year. There is not one perfect path to follow in life. There are some that are easier, some more challenging, some with twists and turns, some that are straight in one direction for a long time and some that are like roundabouts where you can just keep turning in circles. Trust that life will guide you onto the path that is right in that moment and know that maybe along the road you will take a new road leading to a new experience. My point being, put aside resistance and let life in, you might be suprised at the wonderful changes that will happen in your life. The best part of this is that life is much less exhausting!

So you have two choices. One; you can resist the waves of life, get pushed over by the waves and get pulled to the bottom of the ocean feeling out of breath or you can get up on your board and surf each wave that comes your way doing your best, and when you fall over, learn from it and get right back up. Each time you will build strength and knowledge which will lead you to surf the next waves much longer and with less effort.



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