April 14, 2011

When Organic Isn’t an Option

You want to know what I hear when I recommend eating organic?  “It’s so much more expensive!”  Patients of mine who don’t live in California also say, “It’s impossible to find in winter.”  So I get that buying all organic isn’t always realistic or plausible.

When it comes to produce, some non-organic options are safer than others.  Please use this list when doing your shopping.

The 12 Most Contaminated, AKA The Dirty Dozen

* Peaches

* Apples

* Bell Peppers

* Celery

* Nectarines

* Strawberries

* Cherries

* Pears

* Grapes

* Spinach

* Lettuce

* Potatoes

The 12 Least Contaminated

* Onions

* Avocado

* Sweet Corn

* Pineapple

* Mango

* Asparagus

* Sweet Peas

* Kiwi

* Bananas

* Cabbage

* Broccoli

* Papaya

Asking your grocer to carry more organic, local options will encourage them to supply the demand.  As the demand grows, more farmers will listen.

Live natural. Live Well.


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Read 7 comments and reply

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