May 26, 2011

Are “Blessings to You” the New “F*ck You”?

I believe our generation has become adept at guerilla warfare cloaked in lululemon bag cliches.

Via Daily Transformations

I recently had a negative interaction with someone in my community.  Although I hoped to communicate face to face, this person chose email.

What bothered me most about this interaction was not so much the biting emails or our disagreement, but the signature  “Blessings to you”.

Has this expression become the modern day passive aggressive fuck you, or a way to feel superior with a pat on the head?

I’m finding that oftentimes, my generation’s twist on spirituality is just a new way to passive-aggressively strike and attempt to clear karma.  We Ommmm together in yoga class, bow our heads in Namaste, and then gossip in the locker room about whose breasts are new.

Sadly I’ve found that yoga studios are no different than the corporate boardrooms from which I escaped years ago.  Politics, ranking of power and sabotaging gossip still prevail despite the holistic Zen atmosphere.  At least in corporate America we were dressed in our suit armor rather than half naked in corpse pose.

Have we learned to talk the talk but not to walk the walk?  I find that we’re often namanasty instead of namaste.  We put on a pious personae at the front of our classrooms and the top of our yoga mats while harboring judgments of fellow students as well as other teachers.

Will judgments, politics and gossip stop in the yoga world?  Not likely as we’re all human; but as one limb of yoga Satya teaches, let’s be truthful.  I’m not suggesting truthfulness in a harmful way, but let’s not fake sweetness please.

Truly blessing someone is a beautiful thing to do.  I personally believe a blessing holds great merit and healing power.

Let’s remember what the generation before taught us: if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all, especially not sticky sweet spiritual euphemisms that aren’t authentic.


~via Dailytransformations

Photos: lululemon by marccizravi.com, monk by theendlessfurther.com, boardroom by theglasshammer.com, sports bra by chicagonow.com

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