May 29, 2011

Don’t read this. Read a book.

Books don’t buzz with electricity. They rest, revealing hidden worlds when you open them. I like blogs. Obviously, having devoted myself to one for three years. But I published a magazine for six years before that. And this blog is more “eco-responsible.” By far. But. I’m sad that I don’t read books anymore. When I was a child I read a thousand books. I had rooms full of books. Now, I haven’t read a book for years. I’ve read bits of books, and yes maybe a book or two. But now I read blogs. And watch Netflix. And something is lurking in the corner of my mind and memory: I miss books.

So click the “x”. Close this. Put away your laptop or walk away from the glow of your desktop. Find a book you’d like to read, and start it. Comment below if you do so. Comment below if you finish it.

Don’t read blogs. Read books. Well, that’s extreme. But it’s also extreme to not read books, anymore. Perhaps I’m the only one, an extreme case. I do hope so. ~ ed.

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Read 13 comments and reply

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