Don’t Text & Drive, the Real Live Video.

Via elephant journal
on May 31, 2011
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Bonus, one worth sharing: Text & Drive? You & your loved ones never will again if you all watch this.

Another: Don’t Text & Drive while listening to Queen:

For 140 comments plus the story of the video, click here. Kudos to the film-er.

please share your stories…
I was following a teen that was texting.
I called the police then followed him and video taped him.

He hit two cars… TEXTING and DRIVING is not worth it!!!!

The original video was given to police.


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15 Responses to “Don’t Text & Drive, the Real Live Video.”

  1. Chase Bauer says:

    Please… this person absolutely must have been drunk.

  2. Esin says:

    is it ok to video tape and drive?

  3. Mike says:

    Not always – at least a drunk driver is looking at the road. At 45 miles an hour, you're traveling at about 66 feet per second, so the time it takes to press 1 or 2 letters, you've easily covered over 20 yards, 1/5 the length of an american football field while not looking at the road. The same as just closing your eyes for a second or two.

  4. Latex Solar Beef says:

    Could we please have some more nekked yoga? Kthxbai

  5. elephantjournal says:

    This was covered in the link to the above comments…it's a great question. Apparently it's far safer than texting or being on cell phone, it's about as distracting as listening to music/radio. ~ W.

  6. notafollower says:

    where's the proof he was texting!? people these dayz.

  7. K Sequoia says:

    I would not have video taped them, I would have pulled over and called the police. The guy videotaping is just as irresponsible in my opinion.

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  9. Jeff says:

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!! LOL…Breathe dude….drivers like that should get their liscense taken away period…no questions asked

  10. He called the police before videotaping.

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  12. Roger Wolsey says:

    Waylon, Yes! So glad you're okay! Curious timing. Your post is Dec. 10. I posted the following on FB on Dec. 9th:
    "People who TXT N DRVE are like smokers – suicidal & indifferent to the health of others, but passive-aggressive about it.
    (just tweeted this to #Texting #TXTing #TXTNG)"

    Sadly, Flirting With Danger: More Drivers Texting on the Road Than Ever: "Despite various state law bans and nationwide awareness campaigns to prevent texting while driving…."

    ** "Texting – Driving – Asshole" Venn Diagram:

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