May 23, 2011

21 Things To Know Before Starting Ashtanga Yoga. {Free Book}

Welcome to the Launching of my book:

The daily practice of Ashtanga yoga has changed my life for the better in very real ways:

1-  It has made me physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier.

2-  It restored my body to its original blue print, and in the process I released 30 pounds. I also learned to love my body.

3-  It helped me stop all energy leaking and re-directed my creativity to the kind of work I love.

4-  It gave me clarity and discernment, a grounding platform, and a discipline.

5-  It gave me the poise, self confidence and elegance which helped me find real, committed, true love.

6-  It provided support during the biggest financial crisis of my life.

7-  It launched me into a world of adventure which brought me to India and Thailand.

Through Ashtanga Yoga I have become a much healthier and happier person all around, and this is something I wish on everyone!

However, when I first came into the practice I felt confused and intimidated, I wanted to have a talk with someone who knew the inside ropes, a person that could guide and encourage me.

I found many great books/videos (listed on the resources of the book) with great images and practice explanations, which were great when it was time to get on the mat, but I wanted a little more.
I wanted to know: how much would my life change? how soon? what exact benefits would it bring? what did the “all” in do your practice and all is coming, that Sri K. Pattabhi Jois said, meant.

That is how the book was born. To answer these questions. It is intended as a conversation, a resource and a guide that answers questions anyone coming into an incredibly solid practice like Ashtanga Yoga might have, with real-world, down-to-earth answers, and personal accounts that come from my experiences.  There are no poses and no Sanskrit.

If you are just getting started with Ashtanga Yoga this book is for you! And I would love to hear back your thoughts, see if you have more questions, or if you simply want to say hello and share the adventure of your journey as you take your first deep and loud breath on the mat.

If you are a seasoned practitioner or senior teacher then you are also welcome to join in the conversation.  I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and also connect and say hello.

May the practice of Ashtanga yoga which has brought so many benefits and peace into my life do the same for everyone that finds an attraction to it!

The book has just appeared in Amazon as a paperback—click here to seeand I am waiting for the Kindle version (which takes a bit longer to get uploaded). The good news is that in that electronic format it will only cost 99 cents.


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