Islam: Female Circumcision and Honor Killings, Faith or Tradition?

In the video below, Mustafa Akyol looks at separation of genders, female circumcision, honor killings, and more and asks whether they are pre-existing traditions or tenets of faith in Islam. Mustafa Akyol has set the stage for an intelligent and necessary discussion, which I hope we are capable of executing right here on elephant journal.

Enjoy the video, and leave your comments below.

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oogenhand Mar 13, 2013 7:11am

Not just clitoridectomy and infibulation, but also male circumcision were present in Egyptian paganism. The mandatory headscarf and beard were present in Assyrian paganism. The pilgrimage in Mecca was present in Arabic paganism. If all these things are survivals from the original religion of Ibrahim(ra) or even Adam(ra), this begs the question, why did these pagans preserve the original religion better than e.g. the Christians, who are considered People of Book, while pagans aren't. Think of it. It can have eternal consequences.

Aryan Jun 25, 2011 11:17am

Basically, Islam ‘was’ good, in fact the best. But the masses have just diluted the content or rephrased or even changed the content of The Holy Koran. In fact, they’ve divided Koran-Shia and Sunni. Ultimately, it has led to misunderstandings about various concepts like jehad, hijab, kaafir and many more. The fundamentals, that were the best at one time, have been shaken thoroughly which leaves the evidence clear-how much progress’ve Islamic nations done in the past year. Conservativisim has replaced the initial Islamic values of peace, brotherhood and humanity…
I just hope and pray for a good future of Islam as it’s my most admired religion.<3

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