Telluride: Mountainfilm 2011: With My Own Two Wheels.

Via Anna Brones
on May 27, 2011
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Author’s disclaimer: At my day job, Under Solen, we work with a variety of non-profits; Mountainfilm happens to be one of them. This isn’t advertorial, we truly believe in the Mountainfilm message and cause, and so we’re previewing some of the films at this year’s festival as well as providing festival coverage.

Raise your hand if you believe in the power of bikes to change the world. Good. You’re in the right spot.

“Look for solutions, not problems.”

If you’re a sucker for inspirational bike videos, then you’ll love this one: With My Own Two Wheels. Videos about bike projects that are creating positive change are one thing, videos about four different bike projects that are creating positive change around the world are quite another. Counting down the days till I see this on the big screen.


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