Not an Artist? Bet you ARE. [Try The Intuitive Painting Workshop at Eldorado Springs Art Center]

Via Rachel Znerold
on May 24, 2011
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About half the time I tell people I’m an artist for a living, they say, “Boy, I wish I were an artist. I don’t have a creative bone in my body.”

Well, that just breaks my heart. OF COURSE you are an artist!

Each and every one of us has a unique and beautiful energy, and that translates into an infinite different ways to be creative….so maybe you just haven’t LET YOURSELF be an artist yet?

Why don’t you try? You know you want to.  You certainly thought you were an artist in kindergarten! What happened? Maybe someone once told you that your drawing sucked, or maybe you tried to compare your adolescent doodles to Rembrandt and gave up.  I’d like to invite you to step back into the ring– or the studio, if you will– and try your hand at being an artist again.

I’ll provide the beautiful scenery, all the art supplies and my humble experience as an artist. Heck, I’ll even make you  lunch. All you have to do is give it a try. Take the leap. Trust yourself. Let go of expectations and bravely BECOME AN ARTIST!

I double dog dare you to.

SENSE OF PLACE: An Intuitive Painting Workshop

Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Eldorado Springs canyon, this painting workshop invites you to explore your creative instincts by capturing the essence of a location in your own abstracted and personalized way. Whether you’ve been painting for years, or haven’t yet picked up a brush, this combination of seeing, sketching, and plein-aire painting will encourage you to take risks in depicting nature. Eldorado Springs Art Center Artist-in-Residence Rachel Znerold will teach you her tricks and techniques and guide you through this fun creation process.  The finished works will have the opportunity to show in Eldorado Springs Art Center’s 11th Anniversary Show on June 11th.

When: Saturday/Sunday, June 4th & 5th, 10am-4pm

Where: Eldorado Springs Art Center

How Much: Sliding Scale $150-$225 (Pay-What-You-Can Options available…)

Price includes all supplies (sketching materials, canvas boards, acrylic paint, brushes), lunch and entry into ESAC 11th Anniversary Art Show

RSVP: Email [email protected] or visit to reserve your space. Or visit the Facebook Invite.


About Rachel Znerold

Growing up in the Colorado countryside, Rachel Znerold knew early on that she was different…she saw dazzling beauty in decomposing logs and expressed her individuality with wild drawings on her sneakers. Now, as a prolific painter, eco-fashion designer, performance artist and writer, Rachel makes a life out of making art. With a degree in Fine Art and Advertising from The University of Colorado in Boulder, Rachel began to pursue her art career full time. Aiming to share her awe of the world and the art of the everyday, she has taught painting, fashion design, and performance at a variety of schools, museums, and non-profits. Rachel has been commissioned to paint murals in Colorado, New Zealand and Mexico, and eventually landed in San Francisco, becoming a part of the Mission District’s vibrant art scene. Rachel believes art is instrumental in building strong community and a culture of social activism.


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