Solar power: firing up core strength and self-discipline with manipura chakra.

Via Michelle Margaret Fajkus
on May 10, 2011
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Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. ~Anaïs Nin

3rd chakra concerns: integrity, willpower, digestion, energy, achievement

3rd chakra essential questions:
* How do I act with strength and compassion?
* Am I speaking and behaving with integrity?
* What will I achieve today?
* How shall I express my personal power?
* Am I following a wholesome diet that is conducive to healthy digestion?
* What negative habits do I need to give up? What positive habits should I cultivate in my daily life?

Chant: RAM

3rd chakra thoughts: Start small. Start now. Discipline does not equal denial. Self-discipline is choosing health, happiness and wholeness over lazy habits and instant gratification. Ego has an endless supply of excuses. Why you must delay. Why you mustn’t evolve. Ego likes sameness. Willpower is making a difference. Maintain your truth no matter what chaos is going on all around you.

3rd chakra poem:
Breathe into your belly
Go with your gut
You have the will
You know the way
Be gentle with yourself
Yet strive for growth
Juggle awhile
Then drop all the balls
Sit still
And know peace

Practice suggestions:
* Uddiyana bandha (abdominal lock): exhaling and pulling the abdomen back and up
* Medium to fast sun salutations to warm the muscles, produce sweat and get a great cardiovascular workout
* Core strengtheners like boat pose (navasana), double leg lifts, plank pose, crunches and so forth
* Practice under the hot sun or near a toasty bonfire

Manipura music:
* Light My Fire by The Doors
* 32 Flavors by Ani Difranco
* The Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young
* Feeling Good by Nina Simone
* The Distance by Cake


3rd chakra literature:


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