Catching Thoughts: A link to the most f*cked up film you’ll ever see.

I just discovered ‘Earthlings’. You can stream it at the link. I felt like I needed a therapist after watching part 1. I challenge you to watch it and then come back here and use the comments section to decompress. If you’re scared to watch it and think you can’t: Good.  You may just value your life more if you do and save a few lives too. Do it anyway. I did.


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Sommer May 26, 2014 4:18pm

It's simple. Stop eating animal products. You can begin the healing today, with yourself, with your actions. Stop exploiting animals for fashion, entertainment, status, beauty. Just stop. You will find that there's so many tasty, simple, amazing kind alternatives out there. Becoming vegan is one ofthebest choice sieve ever made in my entire life. It has brought me health, happiness and a full heart :). Namaste.

Rob May 26, 2014 3:38pm

Haven't watched it yet, but can tell what type of stuff is in it. I have been familiar with Peta's videos for over 10 years- I know about the cruelty of many humans, towards animals and other humans. I was vegetarian, then vegan for a few years, for these very reasons, but am now living as I feel is healthiest for me, and it includes a diet of whole organic foods, mostly plant based, but yes, some animal meat. I buy only local ethically raised chicken, local grass fed and humanely raised beef, and local, pastured, free range eggs, as well as local wild caught (abundant) fish.
I appreciate your concern and your heartfelt reaction to the documentary, but think if people are going to share videos that display inhumane farming practices, it would be beneficial to take it one step further and do some research and also offer several ideas (with educational links) as feasible ways the viewer can actually do something to stop contributing to animal cruelty..or any other type of cruelty, since a majority of people will not want to commit to 100% veganism.
Perhaps links to articles about local humane farming options, or other things that can be presented as choices on how to actually make change.
Sitting around having a sob fest lets us all know we are not alone in our ability to FEEL and CARE..but that is NOT taking action, and in my fairly educated opinion I believe veganism is not for everyone, nor is vegetarianism.
If we can educate the omnivores and show them there ARE viable HUMANE options that allow them to still enjoy animal meat once or twice a week there is a better chance of ending at least the factory farming aspect of our disgusting earthling ways.

FitGal May 26, 2014 3:30pm

I can't believe how many maniacs there are out there, but more difficult to digest, is that they are our creation. While watching I could only repeat, "My god what have we done?" The genocide of animals is never discussed. I have often felt that zoos and circuses were cruel, but since it's another consumerable thing I always went along with it. I can't maintain my denial after watching this documentary. I am normally not a violent person, but I really want to be the one to treat those maniacs to some of their own abuse. I want to so badly.

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