May 10, 2011

Who cares about Mice & Rats?

Stop torturing and killing sentient beings.

If they didn’t poop and pee indoors…

…as a vegan oh how I’ve dreamed (vegans have silly dreams) of being able to “speak mice” for just a few minutes…and explain to them that if they just went to the bathroom outside, and spread the word to their mice and rat friends worldwide to do so…most of us would probably mind their presence less, and we as a society might not kill and torture them before killing them.

By this merit may all be truly happy

May we defeat the enemy: wrongdoing

From the stormy waves of life, sickness, death

From the ocean of suffering

May I free all sentient beings.

~ The Buddhist Dedication of Merit

Should humans care about animals? Should animals have rights?

I once heard that animal rights is really about us: that the quality that distinguishes humans from animals most is our capacity for mercy—a quality that, left unused, makes us no better than those whom we don’t think ought to be protected from our lunch plates or science labs.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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