Health Insurance vs. Health Assurance.

Via Grace Ventura Sardonicus
on Jun 30, 2011
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As a mother of six children, I have never used health insurance.

And, except as a requirement for college admission/loans, neither have my children. My health insurance premiums are best described as investing in my own holistic education and paying for the expert services of authentic healers ranging from Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Shamans, Naturopathic doctors, yogis, body-workers and learning how to prepare the healthiest possible food & thoughts for body and mind.

Self care is not only being prepared when crisis arises but also taking ongoing actions toward self empowerment. Our bodies are designed to function within a natural balance of work vs. rest, proper nutrition, exercise, emotional and mental awareness, etc. This health insurance crisis is a sign that it’s time to wake up and start investing heavily into our own health assurance. This task isn’t nearly as daunting as the pharmaceutical and HMO’s would like you to believe.

Clean water, fresh air, whole foods, rest, play, relaxation…. is that so difficult? So many of our health issues can be resolved with drinking enough water and refraining from the consumption of sugar, caffeine, nicotine, processed foods/additives, preservatives and other chemicals that strip nutrients and minerals which our bodies need to be healthy. Now is the time to wake up by rallying Dream Teams of support for our health.  The traditional voices of authority are not going to help.

Heck, the FDA food pyramid still supports bread/grain/pasta as the largest section of food consumption. Keep in mind, these guidelines dictate what our school kids are taught, what they eat, what our military eats, and on a larger scale, what the food manufacturers pump out of their factories, which they aggressively advertise as “good for us.”

Here are a few basic guidelines from Embodydream’s Food Pyramid to ASSURE your Health & Wellness and my book “Four Alignments of Self Care”.

In the EmBodydream™ Food Pyramid, the outer ring represents the primary foods in your life. The pyramid itself represents our nutritional needs or secondary foods. Your Spiritual, Relationships, Physical & Career are most important. Included in this pyramid are the Four Alignments (Presence, Gratitude, Creativity & Grace) as well as the four seasons signifying qualities of what supports our integrity & cyclical nature. This pyramid is a holistic structure which is all-inclusive & what is indicative for optimal Self Care. Click here for the full article.

• Water: At least your bodyweight in ounces/day If you drink coffee, enjoy salt and sugar, increase water intake.

• Daily exercise.

• Learn if you are lactose, gluten or nut intolerant.

• Complex Carbohydrates which includes Vegetables & Starches such as potatoes, squash & whole grain

• Vegetables: Abundant amounts of local, organic veggies raw or cooked. The mainstay of ones diet is best as a plant-based diet!

• Fruits: Local & organic instead of sugary foods

• Good oils: cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil, hemp seed and flax oils

•Fats: nuts, seeds, (If you want dairy, try goat or sheep milk products)

•Protein: Grass fed, organic, wild meats/fish/poultry (Buffalo,goat, lamb, haddock, salmon, cod, antelope, elk, venison, etc) red meat only 1-2/bimonthly Minimally processed

• Little salt

• No fast food

• If you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation

• Control caloric intake to manage body weight

Now is the time to wake up and use the supposed health insurance problem as an opportunity to reclaim and empower yourself with extraordinary health!


About Grace Ventura Sardonicus

I offer to you who have a deep yearning to re-discover your essence...Your lovability...Your truth... To stand in you power as a woman, integrated & whole with body, mind and spirit. Restore & mend the sacred relationship with Mother, your feel the pureness of self love, trust, nurturance & support that is within you. How I Work As a Mother-Mentor, Transformational Life Coach, Healer, Yoga Instructor & Mindful Mama of 6 ages 17-28… I have a deep calling to work with women in their relationship to Mother. There are so many women in this world who have a burdened heart, a history with Mother that hurts; that impacts & influences their lives everyday…the places they don’t stick their head up high, step out into the world with confidence, faith & ways they know they can.I work with individuals in their own relationship & Mothers/Daughters together to create a relationship that is life giving & supportive. 35 years ago I began my study of the body through Art, Energy work, Massage, Dance, Tai Chi & Yoga. I wanted to deepen & crack the code of the heart. To be a Healer & fall in love! I went for it through Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, vision quests, Intensive Meditation Retreats, Transformational inner journeys & rigorous study of the body through more traditional schooling. I have taught Self Care & Mother-Daughter Workshops, Yoga, Meditation, Four Agreements & Transformational power journeys to the Pyramids of Teotihuacán, Mexico. My extensive pilgrimages to India, sacred sites in Mexico & Greece have inspired profound awareness & creativity including an upcoming book, Mother How Can This Be? Unanswered Questions as Children but were Too Afraid to Ask. I am the author of Four Alignments of Self Care: The Journey of Aligning Body, Mind & Spirit to Cultivate Excellent Self Care, which inspired several workshops. Many Blessings of Love & Light, Grace Ventura


12 Responses to “Health Insurance vs. Health Assurance.”

  1. Beth says:

    So true!! I only got catastrophic health insurance last year, just in case… and even that was a bit begrudgingly… I haven't been to a doctor since I was in high school! (12+ years ago) I take care of myself and spend money on things that are good for me. Seems to make more sense to me 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    It's wise to at least be insured in case of a major catastrophe. It's fine to pursue your health and wellness care in a natural manner, but I would hate to see anyone thrown into financial turmoil in case of an accident or a freak health incident.

  3. boulderwind says:

    You are fortunate that all of your children and yourself were born with good strong healthy constitutions. While I am all about natural medicine (really and sincerely!), if someone in your family had a catastrophic accident, or if someone turned out to have inherited a nasty illness such as schizophrenia, one would be up the creek financially trying to care for them. I think there is a certain smugness in your article that does not take into account people with special needs where purchasing insurance would be necessary since medicaid would give you the minimum amount of support possible.

  4. Elaine says:

    My biggest expense in terms or health care was as a result of an accident and I am very grateful I had medical insurance. Even then my co-pay was a lot.

  5. aliagrace says:

    Yes, I agree. I do have Comprehensive for Auto Insurance as well. I am talking about daily Self Care.

  6. aliagrace says:

    That's awesome Beth. Catastrophic is probably a good idea. I also carry a Comprehensive Auto Policy so if there is a car accident I am covered.

  7. aliagrace says:

    Thank you. I really appreciate your addition to my blog. Yes, accidents do happen. I am aware I have no control. As I mentioned, I have auto insurance and would consider Catastrophic. One of my best friend's needed an emergency liver transplant. How the heck could I ever afford that? Another consideration is what is the cost of the insurance that covered a just a portion of her expenses?

  8. aliagrace says:

    Thank you for your input and inspiration. Accidents and illnesses can happen. Perhaps another blog I can talk about such things.

  9. aliagrace says:

    Hi Elaine,

    Yes Insurance is very expensive. I am glad you had insurance as well.

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